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Friday, September 5, 2008
Fuck is so hard about being real? Has shit changed since I was in high school? I remember when you used to get CLOWNED for wearing tight jeans. Now the dudes looking like undercover bitches now. I'm at Gallery Place yesterday... Seen a group of niggers outside... Just hanging...from the waist line. Like do they know faggies wore their slacks in jail sagged so they could easily be penetrated? That Kris Kross shit is totally backwards. Them skateboarders been getting away with it for years... But theirs don't look like sergios. Seriously. No homo, but I know these dudes GOTTA be hurting when they take them jeans off. I apologize, but my dick is too thick, and my balls hang too low for them type jeans. I don't need jean abrasions. Real talk.

Then my lord...the bitches... The bitches. I would say women, but bitches has a nice ring to it on the weekend. So....ladies...its NOT that expensive. Why can't you keep your nails and toes done? There has to be a cut off age for doing your own nails until you get a salon license. Seriously. I've noticed this a LOT in hispanic women with the blacks and pinks. Them Lee press on nails... Cut that shit. And black women...PLEASE stop with this idea of designing your nails to match that ONE outfit, then coordinating your outfit for the next 7 days to them nails. I peeped game. That aint cute bew bew. And you should be slapped.

**--Pause for the cause moment of the day--**
Topic: Backshots.

WHY is every female favorite position from the back though? Do you LIKE the idea of him fucking you from the rear? How bout this though. SCENARIO: homeboy is fucking you, meanwhile thinking and moaning out your best friend . Then again, I don't put it past y'all that y'all think of other niggas while fucking in that position.

ONLY exception... UGLY ass skeet-ta-does (my term for skanks and skallies) should ONLY be fucked fro the back. Stop making love to these ugly ass females fellas. You starting to give them too much, and they starting to do little cute shit, like walking outside before 730, and trying to hold hands in public. Ughh. *pushes hand away*

I have more to say...but I'm at my destination for the night. Feel free to have a comment on this epidemic of ugly women with egos....or whatever other topics.

'When I die, heaven better be off the chain. Because I'm having too much fun here'.