Light skinned niggas aint been in style since 92

Friday, September 12, 2008
DISCLAIMER: Now dont get me wrong, the reason why the blog was posted was because friend of mine(light skinned) has the assumption that women prefer light skinned men because they know they will have good looking kids.

Come on now...Light skinned niggas aint been in style since Al B Sure was out. And even then....that nigga baby mother cheated on him with Diddy....what that tell you?
Lol. I'm a chocolate dude....and any female can tell you this...White chocolate aint got shit on dark chocolate. Y'all albino light skinned niggas will never...ever come back in style. Sure, y'all get some action because y'all are genetically able to produce a blue eyed black baby with no pigment...but that don't make y'all special.

Had a girl tell me last night that light skinned dudes go light on the pussy. Basically saying they are pretty boys in the bedroom. Now...don't get me wrong.... I have no problem with light skinned niggas...but my main this complex they have that they the flyest niggas out. Sure... Y'all can go to an all white party at Love and not even be mentioned....but that's invalid. I got a light skinned friend of mine... Favorite quote 'Greg, where the bitches'... Nigga its 930 at night...and I'm dark skinned...they aint checking for me. You go look for em, you easier to spot'.

Crazy shit though... I'm prone to dating light skinned women. (White is light skinned in a way too, aint it?). I've dated a couple brown skinned/dark brown females in my time, but something about a light skinned female turns me on. Especially those jaints with the tattoos. Like every girl I've come in contact with asks me if I have any tattoos. Real talk... What imma tattoo, my eyeballs? Only part of that able to get inked. Unless they started doing glow in the dark tattoos. But sometimes...I won't fake... I wish I was light skinned. I've noticed being fair skinned get you out of a lot of fucking trouble. Especially with women.

Girl I know called me a while back like 'oh damn! Greg...I'm mad as shit. I'm stranded at Hoffman theatre! What time ill'. So I'm like... ' maybe.’ So she's on the phone panicking, calling her mom and whatnot (who happens to be white). So a white dude walks out of the theatre like 'heyyy, you okay?'...she explains the situation, and surely enough, her mom allows her to go get a ride home.

(I hope he went and got some wop from her while burning his gas) Wop (verb) - getting the mouth o mighty.

Anyway...what's up with light skinned people being so fucking violent? Seriously. I'm sitting here listening to Plies cd...and if it aint bout fucking it’s: 'Nigga ima be up in yo buschessssssss'. Ol anger management ass niggas. Speaking of this nigga Plies... Why this man lying though? Sources telling me this nigga living his brother story. That's gangsta now? Then come to find out he graduated from Florida with top honors as an accounting major? Ha. That shit aint adding up.

But...back to you light skinned niggas. Amanda told me two nights ago... 'I prefer dark skinned dudes the way the sweat glisten all over they booooooody'. (Them exact words). I felt so proud to be black after that statement; I told her whenever I see her...imma give her a reacharound. Otherwise...I love dark skinned women too, but I just can't do the body bump with them. Because my grandfather used to tell me 'think of sex like the stock market. When you find an interest...diversify your bonds'. Basically that's elbonics for 'find you a woman that's family has more races than an Olympic track meet.’ And indeed I shall.

What....aint nothing else, lls. It’s Friday. Lol. Comment.