I Hate them pornos with them weird ass CAMERA ANGLES! 09.10 Blog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Yeah... today’s blog is long... Sit back and coast through it. Do me a favor... If you subscribe to the notes... I won’t have to keep tagging... Easier on me.

Random shit that pisses me off. When people are like 'I don't like the Metro'. The fuck is wrong with public transportation. You bitch and moan about gas, yet hate public transit? Had a discussion with a friend, she's like 'I just don't like it'. No specific reasoning. She knows it gets you anywhere in the dmv area....but for some reason....
She hates it. Crazy shit.

Which leads me to this whole situation. I currently...do not have a car. Hence...Metro opens doors. I go to the bar, club, dates, work, whatever...THAT way. I've had my share of hoopties given to me. Came and gone. Maybe I need to go and get a car again since people feel more liberated with car keys. It just is crazy the friends that I
have...new cars, new apartments... But struggling. You LIKE to live like that? Sure...you and your boo boo can go to Arundel Mills, and you can fuck from wall to wall in your luxury apartment with just a bed, couch, TV, and a bathroom. But once the smoke clears...you still a nigger...struggling.

This broads status on facebook is currently. 'Ugh..school- 2000, rent-1250, phone-150, insurance-500, clubbing all weekend- priceless.'

Meanwhile... Main profile photos got her popping travel sized bottles of Rose'.

Fuck is your priorities at? That's like me going to a party, and pouring out perfectly good liquor on the floor. Your dead homies dead for a reason. Aint none of them niggers thirsty. If they are, tell them wait until it rain. I gotta marry me Oprah or somebody with a six figure income. Because I can't see me...grown ass man doing the dumb shit I've seen and heard.

Niggers- Ultra Thin condoms. Please stop loving these girls, trapping them, going raw. Partner of mine fell for the 'cute light skinned
MySpace girl' type. Now... Homeboy got 18 years. 18 years.

(Random plug!)

---6570 days. Six thousand...five hunned, seventy days.--- now add what...9 days for leap year...

Was that nut worth that?

Lauren London...you don't count...I'd reproduce seven kids with you and name them Monday through Sunday....

Back to other shit... Somebody asked me to speak on a subject. 'Niggas that lie'.

I've lied before. And I admit it. Sue me. I cheated, it happens. I told a girl I loved her in high school just for some head (sorry...NOTTTTTT *Borat Voice*). I'm a man. But I was trying to rectify that shit. I've been on the straight and narrow since getting out of my last relationship. Sad had to end in order to figure out all the dumb shit I was doing... But still.

But dudes lie because it’s not in our nature to tell the truth. I've told women lies personally to go and defend their own hearts. What it look like for me to be on the phone like 'oh yeah... I'm sitting here with her.'? I've done the most. Now. I honestly don't care. Used to keep my phone on vibrate at a female house. Now... joint rings I look and I put it down. Until a female pays the bill that comes in monthly... Her say so don't really matter.

Meanwhile... Women do lie to. And are fucking great at it. Example: called a girl last night. Here's the scenario:

Her; Hello?
Me: what's up. You called me?
Her: Yeah I was checking up on you, seeing how you been. I seen you on
facebook. Flirting. Lls.

(At this point...I already know the only reason she's calling is because I'm 'interesting' right now with these blogs. Its been like this a lot lately. I got 2800+ friends. Sometimes I speak and they asses don't even reply. So I guess she sees the movement is moving and thinks she can jump on the bandwagon. NOPE....but...No biggie.)

Me: I'm just chilling. The blogs help me get through the day
Her: You could talk to me.
Me: Yeah I could. But last time I checked, your man requested me off
this joint thinking me and you was hunching (my term for fucking)
Her: Nah, he cool people. He said he likes your blogs...

My name is no longer Greg. From now on...when you see me...call me Boo. And say it twice when you call me it. Why?....because this birch canue (my friendly term for bitch) must think I'm Boo Boo the fucking fool. I was born on a day...not YESTERDAY. You know?

Random thought. I need a woman with tattoos. Like a lot of them. I was on freak mode last night...figured 'fuck it....let me download some porn'. Wireless internet took damn near forever...so I was downloading like 9,10 flicks at a time. Laugh at me if you want... I need the PERFECT porno. Aint nothing worse then watching a porno....and the girl getting beat from the back....then that faggit ass cameraman want to toggle to the angle from under the dudes nutsacks. Fuck that bitch ass nigga. I'm not interested in having my 17 inch computer screen showing a wide screen shot of balls. Get back to the pussy.

So I'm turn off that scene...and the new scene comes on. Girl had a tattoo on her thigh wrapped around to her ass. And then the newest sensation that got me harder than R.Kelly trying to start a day care. She had a pussy piercing. My lord take me NOW. If it was against the law...I'd be in jail for 5 to 10. Because I truly did rape her with my eyes.

Where do they FIND these bitches! Excuse me...I'm only calling them bitches...because they made a career from sucking dick and taking nut to the abdomen. Sometimes I find myself like googling for 'sexy ass broads in porns'. Like Roxy Reynolds (yes I know names).....I promise you....if I see her outside after daylight...I'm going to strap on my all terrain Rubbermaid trash bag...and fuck her.

I would like Pinky...but that bitch went from 'plickity pow, plickity pow'...to porky pig. Seen her at a porn promotion for 'Black Girls Get Nasty 2' in Capital Heights. Man...swear on a stack of potatoes that bitch looked like that little pink pokemon that sings.

Now...to conclude...what's the most freak nastiest porn you seen? Don't fake like you aint seen none. Especially those of yall that like "anal" *cough Lauren...cough*.

The one that takes the cake for me... 'Fucked up facials'....man...I'm thinking its going to be on some discreet, white man fucking to elevator music, then gently apply the lotion to her grill. Oh nooooo. One youngin face looked like they poured wet candle wax from her horehead...shit was wild...