"So who you calling a bitch?"..U n i...agree.

Sunday, September 7, 2008
First off: IF YOU TAGGED ON HERE AND DONT KNOW WHY..."Its a daily blog, just for me and the folks that chose to speak on topics. Thats basically it. Nothing else really. Figured each new blog, I'd add random people to it, so i can open up to more people, and more people can interact in the process."

So... Im sitting writing messages back and forward with Lauren, and she tells me what my next "blog" should be about... bitches. Basically she said..

bitches (yea ima female n I said it) ... bitches get "put on the list" via myspace to get in free, come in tipsy off the cheap shit in their boyfriends crib (whose gonna invite the independent bestfriend over after you leave)... get free drinks from the dumbest muthafucka in the club... take a bunch of pics to post on myspace... fake like they had a blast n got allll this attention n on model status... then wake up the next day, still livin in they parents crib! Takin the bus to a bullshit job, they content with! N do it all over again like they on some "sex in the city" status!!! How about bitches get jobs! Get they own crib! Own whip! Own shit n stop actin like u a high roller cuz u in vip LOVE when tpain performed! BITCH GO HOME TO YA MAN CUZ THERE'S A REASON HE DON'T MIND U ACTIN A FOOL IN THE CLUB!

Can you blame her? Real talk. If a FEMALE feels that way... then 9 times out of 10... something wrong with bitches, and they need to get they act together. In my 21 years... I've met a


of bitches. Bitches with weaves, bitches at clubs, bitches that stink, bitches that drink. But this year... man.. bitchbuffoonery has reached a high level.

lls. i agree wholeheartedly about that WHOLE statement. Bitches do a whole lot of stunting. I guess thats why I been single for a minute. I've tried out the market.. and I've been determined to stay that way until some female mans up and realizes that shes not dealing with a "typical nigga". I know thats a sermon thats preached on the regular to y'all, but its the truth, so why try to change the approach. I'd like to think my dick game is impeccable, I converse pretty well, and I have an honest approach. I dont bullshit or pull shit, but seems like bitches LIKE that.

Thats why I cant see me DATING a girl I met that night at a club. Friend of mine now is dating a stripper, and is the MAIN nigga complaining about her coming home late.. Bitch.. she dont work at a bed and breakfast. She straddle other niggers, then come home, shit, shower and shave, just to go and lay with YOUR ass. Shut your sensitive ass up. lls.

But nah.. "bitches" is a term I used often, because I havent been exposed to much else. Hate me or love it.. but its the truth. If all niggas aint shit, dont try to persuade me into thinking all bitches are different. Now... I WILL say.. There are WOMAN, and LADIES that deserve credit for paving their own lane, it's just sometimes even THEY swerve without putting their turn signals on. Understood? (nice analogy by the way) Bitches are always the type that aint got no money, but always wanna get high. Bitches are the type to have multiple kids with a dude, then still go and get her swerve on with other niggas.

Then... you got..Nigches. Thats German for nigger ass bitches. Like the type niggas that pay 20 to get in the club, but instead of partying... oh nooooo this nigga worried about critiquing OTHER niggas. Last night I'm dancing with Whitney (girl i met out at the lounge)... Homeboy mumbling under his breath to his friend "look at this nigga trying to party"

The fuck you scoping for nigger? You wanna dance with her? So I walked up on him like "Son... you wanna dance with her? She aint mine. No nametags stamped on her saying "Hi, im Greg's bitch". Then the bitch came out in him.

Homeboy: "Oh nahhh man im good, im just chilling. I see you doing your thing"
Shut your bitch ass up. Stop stunting my growth homie. Aint nothing worse than a person of the same sex hating on you. I swear. It happens on the regular. If you going to hate on me... HATE me. TELL me you hate me, that way i can LOVE pissing you off while doing my thing. So I figured out a method to make the bitchassness stop. You feel like somebody hating on you.. clone they ass. Befriend them. Expose them to real, so they stop faking. If you a female... you GOTTA have a hater. So when you find him or her... just dap em up. Tell em "Jesus love you, so dont hate God's child".

If that dont work... wait... wait wait... This dont sound like me..

FUCK that nigga. Let them hate. Walk up on them look em dead in the eye and say "You blurring my vision, kill yourself." How the fuck can you hate and you not doing better. Now ME.. I dont hate... I give constructive criticism. Some shit is just common sense. Like you dont walk outside with the intention of bitching about everything. "eww... its hot as shit outside"...Umm.. Its September, and you wearing skinny red jeans, a h&m sweater vest, and a white t-shirt. Fuck you thought you low blood circulation having ass nigger?

imma leave on THIS note though...And im possibly done for the day.

-Women.. Ladies. When you see a black dude out with a white woman..Just keep looking forward. Cut that hating ass racial shit y'all be doing OUT. I seen a black dude with a white girl last night... and this broad mumbles under her breath..

"Sellout. All the sisters in the world, he pick the blandest bitch in dc. I bet you he could'nt get a black bitch"

Is you serrrrrrrrious slim? Maybe she just dick a TAD bit better than you. You mad at Rebecca because she stole "Dewayne" from you? I'll be the FIRST black man to admit this about white women. I've liked them.. yeah. I probably wont marry one.. I wont have a child by one...But if I had 4 long islands, a pack of rubbers, and a good hour... And I knew she was bout it bout it...

Tell em Taye.

.. Im gone off that one. lol