Greg, How was your weekend? Man.....

Monday, September 22, 2008
Well damn. Monday... yet again. Alright.. Lets get right into it. This weekend... A weekend of.. adventure to say the least. I think I possibly seen it all. I'll jump in and out of topics quick, so catch up. No mustard. Friday night. Got off work anxious as shit to catch a drink. Was like "fuck yes, im bound to get down!" So around like 530... I have my plans set. Ria' and Shawn said they were down to go out.. so thats two. Then I called Ho (Jose)...thats three. Me makes it even. Then VHS (inside name) shows as well. Five in the bag. Amy last, tell me shes coming. So we all are there partying. Actually a good thing. I guess its true that you can actually go head and have fun at white spots. (shows that even your white friends can make an evening out of anything, you hear me? So I get to party a little bit for the night, hit the soulja boy.. (killed it, as usual.. ask about me). Then I actually got my butt grabbed by some random ass white chick. She turned to me grinning.. I was like "umm, baby girl.. watch it". Im already irritated because someone got off work late *cough* and couldnt find the location of the spot we were in... *ahemmmm..*

When she did get there, my tab was already piling because I bought Morgan and Jose joints along with my own. (who says black people cant keep an open tab, right?). Had fun for the evening, so we left, and I rode with "loverfriend" (people apart of the situation know what it was) back to my house, and had VHS and Jose stay over as well since everybody was basically zooted for the evening.Get all the way to the house... this nigger forgets his credit card at the bar. Kind of funny because my night was blown like shit as a result of some bitchassness going on. I'll put it like this... Dont force your sex on people under the influence, understood? Fuego. Now... Everything was great, perfect. I'm laying there, relaxing, had great company in my presense, movies on, buzz is circulating in my brain.. So I look over to loverfriend, she look back, soon as something remotely close to sexytime happens.. whiplash. Jose done fucked up. I look over, VHS is whispering "GREG! Save me!". So i do, I tell Captain Loverboy to but the breaks on his drive for coochie for the evening. Especially since Its 4am, and I'm drinking my green tea, trying to relax.

But NO. He is persistent. as SHIT. Seemed like everytime I closed my eyes, I hear these two (or one, since he had the habit of doing majority of the freak shit) going smack at it. So i get a good THREE... 3.... TRES minutes of sleep in... before I hear.."SPLAT" (Him slapping VHS' ass). So im blown as SHIT because loverfriend was sitting there, enjoying all the fucking sleep, yeat I cant even get a snore in, because this motherfucker is trying to get some cutty on my basement floor, from one of MY friends that I introduced him to off jump street. Now... I wont knock him for trying, but wholetime, he was aggressive about the situation. I'm like "nigga.. come on man, cut it or be quiet". (This is also my SECOND warning to him). I cant tell you how many times SHE said no to him, because I dont have enough body limps to count them on myself for a tally. But basically he got mad a couple times because she wasnt trying to give him the ass. So hes going off some "well i'mma just go head and leave, I gotta work in the morning" shit. Nigger... come on man. Lay your clammy ass up. So he lay his ass next to her, I put on "Paper Soldiers", and lay the fuck on down.

So I finally muster up the ability to lay down and get some sleep. Its 5:20 last time I check. So I got a good two hours in...Then... the bullshit starts again. 7:15 on the DOT.... motherfucking phone alarm goes off. So me being the one to wake up angry.. I'm like.. "Arrrrrrrgh, who the fuck young!".. I'm going around looking for clock radios and shit to stomp on, didnt see any. I'm looking at me and loverfriend phones, they aint glowing. VHS joint is dead, so I knew it wasnt hers... So it HAD to be Ho-say joint. But i cant find his joint to turn it off. So i'm dropkicking & elbowing this nigga like "bitch nigga turn that shit off! Fuck is your malfunction?" So hes wake up, turn it off. Great. I return back to the bed and shit, close my eyes. A good 15 minutes later... the motherfucker goes off again! >>TURN THE MOTHERFUCKING SNOOZE OFF!<< Damn you dumb ass. So im falling in and out of sleep. Loverfriend had to get up go to work and shi.t (loverfriend is just a friend, we aint fucking) So I took her to the door, walk downstairs, and Ho-Say got VHS bundled up.. yet AGAIN. I go lay back down.. he's getting ready to go to work. Walk HIM to the door, dap him up and shit. He get in the car, pull off. I go take a piss since I know I cant sleep nomore now... I go downstairs... VHS woke now... Like "Greg! My purse and my shoes are in his CARRRRRRRRRR" (yes.. she was THAT zooted to leave her shoes and purse in the car.

So whole day im chilling with her until ho-say comes to bring her her stuff back, so she can be get dressed to be dropped back off. After I get back to an empty house, I rest for a good like two hours before I get a call like "Ay greg... tonight.. we getting FUCKED UP" from Jason. Umm.. nah, no we arent. Greg's tab last night was 47.00 and I only had two drinks. What that tell you? Basically I was looking to just chill for the night. So I get on facebook (typical shit).. and start looking at my 160+ online friends (its always above like 70 friends online somehow..)I dont think people get off the computer for facebook. Shit.. I at least have facebook on my blackberry for "on the go" shit. So i'm looking at statuses like "Im the baddest bitch, and me and my clique are the shit. LOVE tonight ladies!" I hate statuses like this. Its 3pm Eastern time. tell us at 930 when we care.

Basically I tell Ria off the strength of the BB Messenger that we need to hang out, so we do. Most fun I had in a while. Walked about in the city, just caught up and whatnot.. UNTIL... we drove past Gallery Place. I swear... Skinny leg jeans, and hoodrats galor. YOUNG hoodrats at that. Bad combination. So we at the light.. all of a sudden you see a good, what.... 300, 400 niggers.. yes... NIGGERS... RUNNING. Thought it was the LA Riots or something. Supposidly someone was fighting (probably them stunting ass kids), and obviously DC Police took the opportunity to beat on anybody running. (guess theres not enough crime int he city.. Copy that... 10:4) Now...I've seen a couple fights pop off down there... but last night... mannnn.. Swear look like a dread marathon in the city, no bullshit. We didnt stay down there so we drove around the city or what not, went to DNbusters... where she whipped up on me in Basketball. (fo course the game I was on was broken, but I'll take an L for the sake of letting her win). Then I get a text from Jackie saying they were hitting up the bar we had just left from, and were going back to after Dave N Busters. And me and Ria had a nice interesting conversation while they played pool. lol. Lot of inside things going on so I couldnt speak on it.

Sunday... pretty much nothing. My Cards lost to the Redskins. Congratulations, I cant really hate on them for winning. Nice way to use the clock to their advantage. If only they could do that all season, they'd win Super Bowls.... Guess they better prepare for Dallas and Philly...

Anyway.. I would have more to say.... But that sounds just about right for me for the day. Enjoy.

Young...I just had the laugh of my LIFE just a minute ago... This some random clip I just watched.. Its NOT safe for work.. so dont click it if you think you'll get in trouble.(TURN your volume DOWN!)