People Still Selling Sex Dreams? Lies, Tales, & Condria.. Part 1

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Okay. I've been trying to work around making this topic.. But it has to be done. Ladies, women, girls, bitches, whores, hoes, hos, tramps, skallys, cunts, twats, pussies, vagina, infants, embryoes... PLEASE... Please.. Fuck that...

Correct underwear.Need I elaborate? Fuck it, i will. If your a skinny chick.. Wearing boyshorts, and hiking your leg up when you take photos to make it look like you got some ass.. you aint fooling nobody babe. Trust me. I've seen my share of photos. Done done it all. [no shawty Lo, but still]. Fat women.. The thongs... come on now. If I wanted to see what a brown skinned peace sign looked like upside down.. I'd google it.

Stretch marks, wide asses, and dimples aint cute.

THIS... Sexy.

So I had a female send me a message a couple weeks ago (most of y'all already know)... that said "Ooh I like your tongue. I wanna squat on your face and spin in a circle".. Come on now. Was that necessary baby? I think not. I threw up in my mouth a little bit at the thought of a pussy on my face. Because that means an asshole is staring directly into my eyeballs. And that WONT fly. I deleted her ass soon as she requested me too. Ughkk man. Shivers at the thought of a fat chick griding her love canal on my chin. Crikies.

Niggas.. Stop telling these females you going to beating the pussy up too. Give them something to strive for. Tell them the truth. Tell them that first round.. you going to have to get adjusted so you might not last that long. Because I've had a girl tell me that one of my boys been rapping to her on the low low... so she tested him out... and said that she seen Super Bowl commercials last longer. WELL DAMN. Niggas going in the pussy frustrated as shit. hahahahahahahaha. Aint nothign wrong with taking your time. When you feel like your stomach getting tight, and that left leg knotting up.. pull out! Dont be ashamed or gaining your composure. Sure.. every female want the shit fucked out of them.. But same time.. a three minute beat fest, with no cum, no orgasm is just a waste of perspiration. Real talk. I'll take an L for taking my time. I wont even yap yap about it though.

Females... Stop with that "i got the wettest pussy" line too. Or "i got that good good". Word to the wise.. Theres nothing you can say while naked that a nigga is going to pull his pants up and walk out the door. you can say your pussy come with a silver lining, and cashmere carpets.. that dude just about getting savage with you. Example. Way way way way way way way way way way back when I was on freak mode around 15, 16. Girl preached her sermon about her pussy leaking, and that her nickname was Niagra.. Booooooyeeeeee stooooooooooooooop. So i did the index test. Put a finger in it... Promise you... I got four splinters when I pulled it out. No bullshit, shit was drier than Rick Ross beard.

This was just a public service announcment to let y'all know.. TELL THE TRUTH about your sex. If you out here fucking, wrap it up... but dont lie about it. I know a lot of grown ass men telling women they waiting for wifey. Yeah okay. And Michael Jackson got smooth chocolate skin, and is a subtitute teacher at an all boys school. Fuck outta here.

Letter to my Lover--- (Tagged you baby boo).. YES Dee.. Im slutting myself out to her.

Lauren... You know I was going to tag you in this. With your bossy ass. Im letting the whole world know.. When i meet you.. its on. How T.I. Aint cheat on Tiny with you, I dont know. I would cut off my right arm long as I could be left with you girl. You finer than a white mans tax return. Whew lordy... I'f you were a letter, I'd write outside the margins.. You hear MEEEEEE.