Commitments Vs Just Sex: My POV...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Commit? Aint that a star? Shit...I know for a fact I committed for a nice long time before flying solo. Sure...done my dumb shit, fucking with the fast tails, cheated, went on dates while still with my youngin... Wholetime...that she aint cool when the turtle got the lead in the rabbit race, you know? So why can't motherfuckers commit anymore? Granted...I been single the better part of 7 months. It’s a large pill, and I've yet to try to swallow it. But it’s the truth. Back in high school, you had many options. You could be like 'fuck Ashley, Jordan better'. the fuck can you tell the difference?

I'm back at square one, trying to start shit anew. Fucking with these hoes done let me know Karma a serious bitch. I accept it. But its getting cold aint going to be long before people talking bout settling down. When all them cute clothes and short sleeves get put in the summer pile, watch, 'in a relationship' will be common on facebook. Even people will just say 'in a relationship' just to fit in. Fuck it, I been thinking bout it my damn self.

Since I'm a dude, might as well let you women know. Men only cheat under two circumstances. When new pussy is thrown at him, or when you hassle him. That's it. That's all. Notice when you aint bothering him, letting him chill....half the time; he's wondering what the fuck YOU doing. Regardless if you doing dirt or not. That's the position you trying to be in. I'm sick and fucking tired of females like 'oh, that bitch aint got shit on me'....yeah...alright. Don't let your conscious be the reason why your pillow is damp at night. Do what you need to do to keep that man. Shit... I can tell you up front... If me and you are together...'No' isn't a compromising answer. I'm pretty sure your mother swallowed for your father, and your father ate her pussy. Nasty site, but its true. So quit with all that 'I won't do shit'. Because it’s true...if you don't, they will. Ratio from women to men in the DMV area is 26 to 1. So you think he tripping off you? You aint messing up his odds.

Prime example: homegirl I know in Miami mad as shit because her man fucked her younger cousin. (She 24, cousin 18). Even family satisfying, so 'don't you...ever...get to...comfortable'. That's why....I put dick down. Aint none of that 5-10 minute shit. Ms. Lucky is going to get her canal dug like I did a 20 year bid in solitary. You understand. And everytime (give or take) will be the same way. I love sex too much to take it for granted. I aint in denial about the shit either.

But niggas....don't think your bitch ass special either. Girl I was talking to already done got her next in line. I told her 'best of luck', and cut it off from there. But if you want to keep youngin....better get your shit right. Because if these random niggas don't treat her right, trust, I damn sure will. And I purposely made this note readable for friends of friends. This is a public announcement. I know a LOT of females, so I peep y'all adding me. PSA: I'll change her life, and drastically hurt yours. Aint no different with any other nigga. Stand corrected, or sit your ass down.

You wanna know how to keep a relationship fresh? Take three words out of it.

-I don't know

Those three words right there kill any good thing. So avoid that shit. Ladies, that nigga been with you longer than six months, and wanna be, God forbid, adventurous... Do it. You already sucked his dick. Precum is the same thing, and you done consumed your share. Get down on the dick.

Niggas...stop asking for threesomes. The fuck type greedy ass nigga want that action? I got ONE dick, two balls. Fuck imma do with two pussies? Egg-act-lee. Yeah, yeah, you'll be like 'she might like it'...wholetime...what if her ass LET you fuck her and another girl. Then turn around and say 'well...I always wanted to fuck your friend Greg (because it’s such a great name to complete the sentence)...let's have a threesome. I know your face going to be fucked...UP. Shit hurt to think your boy going to be beating her box while you getting head, aint it?

Compromise with each other, bet none of y'all stray. This coming from a nigga that done done it all.... I honestly don't think I missed a beat here. If you feel you got something to add, feel free.