Can I Live?!? Weekend 9.12th-9.14th Blog

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Damn, how was my weekend? Joint went by so quick it was like "okay... you here, now your gone". Felt like i bullshitted it through. First off, Sunday, went to the little work function, then went out to the bar. Someone.. *cough* was supposed to go with me, but instead went elsewhere. Cant knock that. So I went solo (as I do so often). I got invited to Fur.. of course, i laughed that off. So i get to the bar, and Matt (bartender) was like 'Greg, something aint right man, your swag aint even the same". I bought the cheapest drink possible, because honestly, didnt even feel like drinking. So i had something that was created, mixed. I need to start drinking straight liquor. But i dont have hangovers. I actually wake up EARLIER after getting shitfaced. Wholetime I'm at the bar, Justin is texting me about going to Georgetown, yet he never followed through. And I wasnt about to go out that way. So mind you... I already got to the bar at like what, 1115... By 1227 I was back up out the door.

Had to end up coming to the house to help my sister on a TV production assignment the next day. Picture that. Greg, HELPING somebody. Wholetime, I didnt heard much out the "liar". So I talked to one of my compadres, and they informed me that homegirl (a she obviously) was going to have someone go with her whereever she was going. I wasnt tripping. I cant hate on the next man for doing what he has to do. Thats bad business for a man of my stature to catch feelings, you know? Wholetime, a girl approaches me like... "Greg, you have too many women". I need to know exactly wats TOO many. I have a lot of people I speak to on the regular. Then I have a few people I may flirt with. Then.. I have zero that actually take the shit seriously. I charge it to the game, and accept the fact that it's still warm outside. But trust and believe, when the chill hits them... It'll pick up. I wouldnt mind going and devoting time to a worthwhile female. But aint nobody stepped up yet.

Okay... I guess its time for the jokes and the humor. Some of y'all might find this to be humor, I find it serious. I get a note in the mail from Kaiser saying "All your STD results came back negative." Man.. can you imagine the excitement on Greg's (yes, third person) face!?! Man I was so gitty it aint make no sense. I might just walk around with that shit taped to my chest. Now I know for a fact I dont act liek brett Favre, launching dick at recievers, wholetime, anything can happen. And i'm one of the most paranoid motherfuckers you'll meet in your life when it comes to shit that can alter your life. I knew a girl personally that was walking around with some shit that a dude gave her. I told her up front... Sweetheart, I cant chance it. I neglected even hugging her. Her cheeks may bleed, and rub on my skin,a nd an ingrowing hair can catch some of that shit. Anything. Fuck that.

Then... Im sitting here, having casual sex conversation (double negative, but fuck it) to a female about the most BASIC shit... and she lies. Are fibs the new truth? I know... I know "Greg, you've told lies before".. I have, and I'm tryingto be brutally honest.. But I have NO reason to lie about my body count, wholetime. Now I know for a fact a woman could be the ugliest bitch on the western hemisphere, and as long as her clit is functioning... shes getting some dick. And niggas cant fake, they've all had sex with a female that wasnt a model. You cant always get a winner. Matter of fact, girl in my high school years wasnt all that potent either. She was plump sized. Fuck that.. she was round. Nothing against big girls, because I love me thickums. She just did some dumb dumb dee dumb shit. Basically it was my last day at Summer School, and her and I fucked. I never nutted, and her mom was coming home soon, so I told her either flush the condom, or throw it out her bedroom window. Now... dont get me fucked up.. She lived in the hood... so a condom laying in an alley aint that farfatched. But back to the story... you think this girl did as instructed... NO.

So a couple weeks later we break up (was a summer thing I guess), and she catches feelings. She tells her mother that i took her virginity, and that she might be pregnant. (funny now, but definetly NOT then...) Im sitting there telling my family.. I DIDNT NUT INSIDE OF HER. SHE DIDNT MAKE ME NUT. Mind you, I wasnt even supposed to be at her house. but that day at Summer School, we just picked up our report cards and rolled out. Since her and I were serious at the time, she invited me over, we hunched and whatnot. Well see.. my pops didnt think I went to school that day.. So out of anger, I grab my backpack.. and guess what come flying out the side pocket...Yeah..

A safeway bag with the condom in it. Now I should be mad at the fact that I didnt check the backpack.. but wholetime im like "What type retard puts a fuck instrument in a plastic bag". That shit STUNK to all hell.

GOT to be more careful. They found out she was lying, and I got off. Thank God.

The moral of this story is.... Giving brain dont make you smart..

But I dont really have much else to say, as you can see.. thats my weekend, and my thoughts of it. So you have an idea of my thoughts and whatnot.Y'all have fun. Hopefully I'll have something to say tomorrow at work.