Saturday, September 6, 2008
Ha. I was sitting here reading some of the responses of how im mean, and whatnot. I can completely understand that. Im not "mean". i just open my mouth. but then again.. I been like this forever. I say what I feel is right. BUT... i'll elaborate on that.

Yesterday Dana was quick to reply that "nails and upkeep are expensive". No my dear they actually arent. If you cut your losses in going to such and such party and club every week, or spending frivulous money in spots you dont have to... then yes, you can support your nail upkeep. i've seen PLENTY of women who leave the nail shop without acryilic nails, so wherever you (Dana) got that statement about fake nails from... you need to re-read. I said you shouldnt be going on and PAINTING your own nails, if you cant make them suitable to wear. Chipped nails on a grown woman is like a man with a dirty beard. Would you want to kiss a dude with a beard like Ol Dirty Bastard? Figured not. But if you want to make this an argument... oh yes lord we can do that. But I WILL say.. if you cant support your own upkeep,theres a problem.

Now to the backshots position, lol. Its kind of funny a lot of you said that "its a direct g spot angle". There are 9 different positions that hit the G Spot directly. Laying on the floor flat is just one. Now granted... i enjoy fucking from the back just so I can grab her shoulders and whatnot.. Its not the only position in my arsenal.

i saw that Lana mentioned something about "waxing"... Thats whats hot now? Waxing the pussy region? I must say that shit kind of turned my on a little bit, lol. I've witnessed trimmed, shaved, hairy, and waxed in my lifetime. But waxed.... my lord. But i WIL admit... I felt like R. Kelly a little bit, because it looked like a newborn baby's shoulderblade. No hair, no trace. How often do y'all have to get waxed? Im curious as to know. Because i personally shave, but its tedious as shit.

TMI: And shaving the ballsack region is a hassle too. I tried the shit a couple weeks back.... my lord my damn, i was scared for my life.

Now let me tell you about my night last night. I'm out at the usual spot I go to (some people know bout it), and honestly, I wasnt feeling like dancing the whole night. I danced for a couple songs, then I was like fuck that, i'll go to the bar, and get my Black Russian. So i had my drink in my hand, and this hispanic chick (spanish, hispanic, whatever is socially acceptible) walks to me like "oh, you not going to dance anymore". So i told her "I'll dance with you in a minute". Granted... slim was cute (in the club type cute). So i danced with her... and all she knew how to do was "freak". Like this a PARTY. If I wanted to dry hump the shit out of you, I'd take you to the beach, burry you in the sand, and lay on top of you. (fuck you if you thought that was funny, i had a ball typing it). So I guess she was trying to dance with a whole bunch of dudes and her and her girlfriends would go and talk about how homeboy danced. Shes like "damn, you know how to party" (granted, drinks still in hand.. so im in dancing like *sip* "oh really" *chug ghug*). We get to chatting while dancing, shes like she'll be at American University for a semester and whatnot. I told her thats cool, Xavier and the gang were interning there for the summer, so im familiar with the campus. So shes like "will you be here when I get back, imma go to the bar (lying ass broad as Fred put it last night). I GUESS she went to the bar, I wasnt really looking. Soon as she walked off, i pulled out the blackberry, and finished the text messages I was sending before we started dancing. Then finished off the cup I had. Walked in the middle of the dance floor, and showed my natural ass, by partying.

Anybody thats partied with me can tell you that I can make a party by myself. I personally HATE freaking in the club. "If a nigga can't touch it, then what you bouncing it for?" So shes dancing with another dude at this point now, I'm out on the floor partying with the fellas, and a few fellow "white women", that are already drunk, lol. And for SOME reason, my face is melting off from her staring at me party. Like straight bedroom eyes. lol. So I'm about to leave, and shes like "wait, why you leaving?".. Umm.. girl its 230, im bout to get back to the pad. So me and Fred left, and he was like "Greg... she was LOOSE man" (as if i didnt know this already by the short skirt & flats, and the fact the only dancing requirements she had was "bend over to the floor, touch your toes". Then to make matters worse, she grabbed my arm, and tried to make me touch her inner thigh. Nah baby... I dont get down like that, you can keep that.

Exhibit A:
(hot ghetto mess)Basically I'm curious as to know if im wrong about just NOT being attracted to females I meet at the club. Sure... its a turn on, seeing half naked bodies in their best attire and look. But that dont impress me... Like at ALL. Like Aaliyah. I was IMPRESSED by her. The only woman that i've ever seen that wore a t shirt and sweatpants and turned me on. then he was even more attractive subtracting some clothes. I'm sure there are a few of you pretty women that can read this and say "well i look cute everyday, in every outfit". So riddle me this... How do YOU know your attracted to someone at a party/lounge/club?

Disclaimer: PLEASE dont say the word "swag" to me. (refer back to yesterdays slight paragraph about boosting ugly peoples egos). Y'all are getting too comfortable with peoples "swag", that you truly are "settling for less"