Fuck R.Kelly *Uncle Rukus Voice* "That nigga there is GUILTY!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Dear. Mr. R. Kelly

I just want to let you know, your a bitch ass nigger. Seriously though. I want to spit on your ass. Its a lot of people that have fucked and reproduced off your music. I know for a fact, I've make love to a womans waka (ass) thanks to a lot of your music. I remember back in middle school, I got my first hard on to "Feeling on yo booty". You've done a lot to impact the world. But.. Why your bitch ass aint locked up? You got off for pissing on people? I saw your little interview last night. So you rehersing your responses though? Come on son... Real talk though. You like 40. Fuck you doing with 8th graders though? Twats tight? Do you NOT understand you could have ANY woman you wanted nigger? I just want you to know that my aunt and me were talking last night... She went to one of your concerts in 95... and threw her panties on stage. Them are ADULT panties. What pleasure you get out of seeing a 13 year old girls panties. Dont you know training bras and drawls with the day of the week means that they are YOUNG? Now... that one girl with the white panties on.. light skinned joint... phat... BUT..thats besides the point.

Real shit though nigga. Confess your sins. Write a letter to the judge, and tell them that was you. Because wholetime, we know the truth. Who else look like you nigga? Nick Cannon? Exactly. Trying to say it was your brother. Nigger... Nigger... NIGGA, fuck we look like.. idiots though son? I'm still fucked up at the fact that you got off and it took 7 years for you to get a trial. And you PISSED on a female. AND got off! I have a restraining order out on a girl from the 10th grade thats STILL being processed. Lucky ass celebrities man. I dont know whats worse.. you, or Lil Wayne getting lip piercings.

Let Wayne do what Wayne does. Everybody cant be him. Dig?

(Wayne... still I'm shifted off this move.. But we'll get on you later.)

I just prefer that you get locked up. And the fact that you bought the girls OUT.. makes it that much worse. So in conclusion.. your a fucking whore. What type man wheres a batman mask, does songs with B2k, and calls themselves the "Pied Piper"


"The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a legend about the abduction of many children from the town of Hamelin (Hameln), Germany. "
so you out here just throwing the shit in peoples faces though?

How you feel bout that my illegitimate?

Exactly. Nigger we want answers to why you did it. Now.