So.. you going through your S/O Facebook or Phone= NO GOOD!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Your man or lady goes out of the room.. and the phone rings. *briinnggg* New text message. You pick it up out of curiosity... and you see...


Are you going to callt he joint back, or confront them?

Matter fact... WHY your nosey ass going through shit anyway?

Are you going through people phones? My reaction...

Yeah... You can touch my phone if you want the fucking bill. Fuck is up with nosey ass people going through the phone trying to see if dirt is being dug? Bitch you aint got 5 on this! I been dealing with this for a nice lil while now, figured I'd go ahead and speak on it. People of the opposite sex going through your shit to find shit.

'What you don't know won't hurt you'

It’s the truth babes. I had a girl literally wait until I walked out the room to log into my facebook a couple weeks ago. (Forgot to mention the shit). So she got mad when she seen messages flying back and forward with other people. Let's get this mutual understanding right now. Until my status say 'in a relationship to (hopefully Lauren London)... Then keep your fucking hands to yourself. That shit urks the shit out me. Whole time if you offer to pay the bill... Go right ahead and get to it.

Fact of the matter is I hide NOTHING well. Yes I get little nasty text messages. What's wrong with that? Sometimes while I'm at work, I like getting that text message from somebody saying...

'I'm trying to get pretzeled tonight, Mr. Aye'.

So you mad that you seen that? Play your positions and get more serious. Don't go trying to hack my facebook or MySpace, adding my friends and shit, writing on my wall after another female with that 'umm...yeah' shit after you seen what she said. Don't confuse internet with reality. I told a fat chick at a stop light yesterday that I wanted to bend her over my knee and beat her like a neglected stepchild. I say a LOT of shit I don't intend on doing. Just this morning I said 'I'm going to find me a Hispanic woman to I can hear all that 'el papi grande pantalones' shit in the bedroom. Don't necessarily mean I'm going to go on the hunt for a Latina. No fuego.

A girl I know said this:

Quote: “actin up, he just doing him. . . I check his phone, I'm a nosey ass bytch and I found what I deserved/was looking for. . .

I get a text from some nigga who number ain't even saved, and I'm a skank. . . u go through my phone and you just doing what you gotta do to find out if I'm a skank. dumb shyt. . .

its 2008 and it's all about equality and not getting done wrong. So when I go through yours, don't look @ me sideways. the man with nothing to hide hides nothing. I left my phone knowing damn well u gonna go through it.”

You have the right to check my phone when you say "baby, I’mma pay Verizon this month"

Until then... you touch my phone, i'm tapping your chin.

Couple months ago... girl called herself being sneaky and shit. My phone has a timeout on it so basically you gotta put a password in on it. And it counts how many times you tried.

So I walk out the room, come back... the phone light was on, about to go dim. OBVIOUS

Check the joint, she tried 19 times. And the combinations she put in... I SWEAR... She thought I was bill bellamy off How to be a player.

Why would my cell phone passwords be

My Birthday, bitches, pussy, or YOUR name? Bitch is you on the banana boat?

Friend of mine told me a way to avoid people trying to dig your passcodes and shit (especially voicemail…)

Quote: “yea the way I pick my passwords are...take a 4 letter word
then look at the phone an see what #'s they are, an that’s my password
learned my lesson the hard way NEVER make ur pw a bday, address, football # or anything like that “

Anyway... I have a couple pet peeves I need to speak on.

-People with these chubby ass babies. Let they little bad ass walk. No three year old should still be getting picked up when their legs get tired. Tell them they better wobble they plump ass down the sidewalk.

- Niggers mugging when you look at their girl in public....nigga. We know she's a bad bitch. That's why we looking. You made because we find her sexy? What type shit is that? I can see if I said ' he your man? Cause I'm trying to hunch that donkey'. I hate that shit.

- Slow ass dc tourists- look here bitch. Metro aint for you to bring your family and crowd the train talking and giggling and shit. Its 830 in the morning. I don't wanna hear about the newseum. Shut your wamma ass up.

I’m sure... But that’s IT for the day...