Love @ 1st Sight: Reality of figment of imagination?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Can you honestly meet somebody and be like.. "Damn, I think I'm in love with them'? I think I have some love moments the first time I've seen or met a couple people. Which is crazy. I've been in amazed with the way a person looks, their conversation, and the way that they carry themselves. But ultimately, I ended up realizing their true colors in the same aspect. Its crazy because Aaris gave me the topic to discuss, and im truly at a loss for words. A lot of my friends that I asked had the same rebuttal towards the question asked.

"Never experienced I don't believe in it."

But how can you believe in something that most of the time you dont even know is there? Because I know for a fact that I've let a COPLE of good people go because I was chasing the wrong things. So if that can be a way to say "love at first sight", I guess i've never experienced it. Theres been plenty of people that I met, became cool with off the jump, but never realized that "bam, this might actually be somebody I need to be interested in, but never could say "yeah, I love her." Now what I can say.. I do believe in infactuation at first sight. I have been known to have my attention grasp by a woman who can command a room with the most simplistic things. Just the way she interacts with others, the attire she might have on, or something of that nature. But when it comes to actually "falling in love" with a person. I think thats misconstrued. Its some people who will claim love at first site means off break you know your going to love this person and you know you gonna be together. Thats definetely not the case.

I'm sure when I was simple minded as a teenager, I said it like it was an everyday word on repeat. In initial meetings with people, I've been that way, quick to think it, but it really was'nt "love". I've tried to convince myself that I could define love by committment and relationships. When in all actuality, I think REAL love is something that I have yet to experience. So as far as love @ first sight, gotta be a figment of the imagination. I'm sure there are a lort of people on here in relationships with someone now, that will vouch and say "oh nah, i knew he was the one for me". How is that the case? Was it before, or after he/she opened their mouth?

Because I know I thought a girl was the sexiest thing on Earth, until she opened her mouth. Man I swear. Everything was a good look, until she spoke. And one thing I hate is a female with a nigger mentality. My name is GREG, not Mo', son, dog, none of that. I was sitting there like "maybe if I stare at her titties, she'll get turned ff and walk away". NO. She continued to speak. Swear this birch canue sounded like Rick Ross with a clit, no bullshit. I'm sitting here on the phone with my boy talking about it while I'm writing, and I forgot how many CLUB experiences we've had. There was this girl... BADDEST thing walking. I'm in the cut feeling like T-Pain, better yet, Captain Save a Bitch. Hand me a cape. So we converse, exchange contacts, make plans to hook up the next day. So she shows up, we kicking the funky bombastics, so I ask her a couple questions. Basic shit like "whats your major, what you plan on doing, can you read, have kids.. etc.. etc."
HOW we got on the topic of bad habits, I dont know.. But she said some shit to me, that instantly had me like "yeah.. wheres the closest trash can". This chick says "I know you'll think differently of me, and I dont want you thinking Im nasty or a slut, but I'm a germophob." Now.. I have no problem with you hating germs.. shit, I do too. But NO... this shit took the cake.

"I've only had vaginal sex once. All my other times I only did anal. My pussy is sacred, and not all men can have that."

WHAT!? *refer back to my hate of ass fucking*.. I didnt mean for it to come out the way it did.. but i was like "so basically your is is phat from getting pumped in it until the white meat show?" lmao. She didnt really take offense to it. But I just found the shit to be crazy. I know them brazillian chicks take it in the batcave (new term for "asshole") but HER... no. Thats like a female liking a dude, and he tells her "I dont like getting my dick sucked, but you can lick my ass and suck my balls". I wish a female would put her tongue near MY ass. I'll purposely arrange my bowels just so she'll never try that shit again. (yes.. i thought that comment was TMI too.)

But back to the topic... Love at first site? "ooh ooh, i cant believe it"... Like I know I look at a LOT of peoples little "sexy club photos" that y'all take on those Friday nights, under those flashing lights... and think to myself.. Damn...I should send her a message. Because theres been quite a few of those moments. But love at first sight? Nah. Never. "is it just..infactuation?" indeed, it is.

Feel free to voice your opinion. I did.