Trust a Liar. They may be telling the truth.

Friday, September 5, 2008
Fuck it. Figured I'd start blogging through here as well. I have a blogspot too, but Dana told me that I could share to the masses through here. So why not. I have a nice collection of thoughts in my head, so might as well. Especially since im always on facebook. So.. what can I speak on. First off.. I wanna talk about this "facebook personality" a lot of these motherfuckers have. Sure.. everyone is entitled to having a personality.. But dont lie about your shit. It kind of ticks my nerves to see people living a lie on here. Bitches... excuse my french.. Birch Canues are famous for lies. I was approached by a girl through here who told me "You should come and party with me tonight". Where at? "Oh.. 2122".. Where the fuck is this spot?

Like who invents these names for clubs? I understand shit like "Club Love".. but "Fur, 2122,".. shit like that is beyond me. Any everyone can tell you.. i hate clubs. I walk in anticipating a party, and leave dissapointed. I've had to shrg shoulders at plenty of females in there. One exclusive time at Fur, I was followed around by a spanish girl after partying with her for like two songs on Amanda's birthday (ask Michelle). People cant party anymore. Starting to think they have a "to-do list" of shit to bring to the club.

Lotion- Check
ID- Check
Digital Camera- Check.

Like we KNOW you fucking party there every weekend. Nice. But seriously.. having 89 facebook albums though sweetheart? Necessary? I think not. I had a dude literally tell me "Greg.. all the bitches be at Love"... Yet... this nigga statuses are the most discouraging things in the world
Dewayne is.."Searching for that Zodiac sign. Will she be a Lucky Libra?"

Now granted, hes my boy.. but he goes to parties falling in LOVE with them. Yeah.. i have 2,600+ friends. But I dont PARTY with them. But back to the main headline... Trust a liar. Its true. I walked outside my office today to find breakfast. and surely enough.. the homeless nigga that sits out on Penn Ave was like "Greg.. you got some change?".. Granted.. he sees me every fucking day... Im asking this nigga what he going to use it for.. he says to me "Im saving my coins up so I can go on vacation.

Im sitting here looking at homeboy like... Nigga..

You homeless. Fuck you going to vacation for? You live through ALL the seasons, that should be enough. So he tells me "me and my woman are getting back together". Woman? So i figure he has a homeless wife, girlfriend, whatever. Oh nooo. This man is dating one of the girls that works in my building. SHe told him she would clean him up if he stopped drinking. And i assume they've gotten close...

My thing is.. why this nigga still homeless?