Shes a vegetarian, but I'd give her raw meat. Owwww. 09.09

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Did'nt really have a blog for yesterday evening, figured I'd go and give it a break or so. Bare with me. This one going to be brief since the other one was long. Its hard trying to go and type all this shit. So let me tell you what I been up to. Thinking about sex. Not too bad seeing as though thats a regular brain ritual of mine. I came to the random conculsion.. I like eating pussy. Funny shit becaues back in high school, me and my partners used to speak on how nasty it was. But by 12th grade, that shit was as standard as tying shoelaces. Now dont get me wrong.. Greg aint eating random cootch. No dice. But when I gets it in... Fuck that let me stop before I start looking like a slut out here.

So we spoke about getting/giving head & backshots.. But one thing thats bothering me... Whats up with niggas trying to fuck women in the asshole? Like thats the new hotness now? Fuck they do that at? Niggers... please answer this shit for me.. When you fucking wet pussy.. What makes you elevate your dick, and try to stick it in an area tighter than a nickel? Please dont say that "oh, its tighter and wetter". You do realize shit come out that whole right? Im abuot to fuck the anal thoughts for you up right now. Imagine homegirl ate Chipotle that day. You know damn well its coming out later that night. Still trying to eat that?

Thought not. Oh.. another subject for you dudes. I been getting a couple friend requests from yall about the blogs, so I have to let y'all know bout that too. I aint originate none of this blogging shit, so dont think I did. I just figured I'd go ahead and speak my mind. In NO WAY FORM OR FASHION should you try this. Its not going to raise your pussy rating, and get women on your side. As you can see, majority of the comments I get are a result of them being cool with me. I can feelt he wave of facebook notes coming sooner or later. Figured I'd let that be known.

Random thought... Kobe Bryant wife is a bad bitch. I'd seriously fuck her with a fishnet condom. And wouldnt think twice about it. I know those aint his babies though. Aint hear that from me though...

Its starting to get cold outside, and darker late. I gotta find me a cuddle buddy. Bout to find me a plus sized chick so I can get that extra warmth. So if you got any fat friends... Tell them big girls need love too. Just tell them I cant reproduce with them. Our metabolisms dont match. (That wasnt a jab at fat women. I love them. Its just a fact). I have a lot of big women in my family, so I been raised to love the women who could make some bomb ass dinner rolls, even though they had enough on their bodies.

Just know the difference between Phat and fat please. there are CATEGORIES.

Phat: 130-165
Plush- 165- 185
Plump- 185-210
Plus Sized- 210- 230
Phool (fool to think im going to think im fucking you) 230+

But--- if you look like this.. or this is you period..

Just know I'm not pulling out. So arrange a baby shower when you meet me.

Tis all.