Rick Ross's reply to Fiddy [50' cent] Diss track "Try Me". LMAO

Friday, January 30, 2009
Less than 24 hours after being called out 50 Cent's new diss "Try me," Rick Ross has begun his own attack against his adversary's credibility. Ironically, Rick Ross appeared on Eminem's Shade45 XM/Sirius satellite station during an appearance on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" show. The rapper spoke on the reason for launching the first salvo, "Mafia Music," and an alleged confrontation at last year's BET awards. "It's nothing that can be personal," Ross explained. "I seen him at the BET awards. I had different intentions for him, and when I bumped into him he made an expression on his face that disappointed me as a real n*gga. I gave him a pass. [But] it ("Mafia Music") was just to let n*gga's know." Regarding 50's rebuttal, Ross accused the Queens native of shaming his region's legacy of classic diss records. "I was positive that couldn't be the response," quipped an incredulous Ross. "You from New York City, the Mecca of Hip-Hop, and that's your response?! We're all gonna act like we didn't hear that garbage for 48 hours. Go back to the lab and come up with something else."



  • Eighty4

    i think it was a wrong move for the so called boss.
    tisk tisk