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Friday, January 2, 2009
Great. First "sexual innuendo" conversation of 2009. This is the result of a female on facebook that has been approached by SO many men, possibly had TOO many compliments, to the point now ANY person of the opposite sex is a threat to her vagina.

Like ugh. Conversation went like so:

Me: I got somebody I'm talking to or whatnot.
Her: Oh, well we might as well cut this short.. I dont want to impose on your "status". I know Lauren London would be mad. Lol
Me: umm.. so when does that impact the friendships I have?
Her: You may be like the rest of these dudes out here.
Me: Delete me off everything you know me on. Thanks.

2009... i'm NOT fucking with it. I tolerated with a lot of the bullshit in 2008. But new year. Lets get some shit corrected now. If this dont pertain to you directly... Just LAUGH at it.. because I'm SURE you have a friend that is the type I'm talking about. Here goes nothing.

For one. If you seriously complain about the attention you get on facebook. You want it. You love it. Fuck more of an audience do you need you unstable creature?

Status Example: "All y'all niggas are the same. I swear it. 2009 I'm THROUGH with y'all."

Accept it. You are just a nothing ass bitch. You fuck with nothing ass niggas. And you are nothing. What is 2009 going to do, but give you 364 [minus yesterday] reasons for you to solicit yourself? Seriously.

If 9/10ths of your profile photos are cute, club attire type photos...

---Your a liar. I've come to that conclusion. You possibly dont have a life outside of Friday and Saturday nights. Get some work about yourself. I.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t.. do you know what that means? Stop asking your baby father for money to drink. Loose booty.

- Low Self esteem. You KNOW dudes are going to go smack at you. You even crop your ugly friends out the photos to make yourself look BETTER. Yes.... YOU. [the "oh I've done that before" type]... Goons are lurking. And you are the prey.

- The facebook poses. PLEASE. Tired of seeing y'all with the little hiked leg, arched back photos. If you dont have an ass, account for what you DO have. If you have big titties... do over the belly button photos. Make it work for YOU honey.

My new years resolution is to make people live the life the live OUTSIDE of the computer.. ON it. If you aint shit in real life... Be that way, all day long. Thanks.

Dudes.. Stop telling them you love em, wanna bun em, and how sexy they are. TELL THESE BITCHES OUTRIGHT... You are trying to fuck. What can she say to you? NO? If she does... ask around.. it probably wasnt that good anyway.

Moral of the story is... Pussy is a powerful tool..yes. But the buck stops here. Some of you women, bitches, girls, creatures, whatever... are using it as leverage. Those "use what you got to get what you want" types. But from this point on.... yeah... be prepared for dudes to be more blunt and honest to you all. Tis all.

Sidenote: Dudes... STDS are REAL.

STDS= Stop thumping dirty sluts.

Im done. Goodbye.