"Sometimes It Rains"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Although your'e the one to chose,
You're still a victim to substance abuse;
Didn't listen cuz there's nothing to lose,
So you use untill you're nearly confused.

Mind is burnt, almost completely erased,
Find the hurt, that follows the imazed;
Only to find out what's there to face,
A dead-end road at the end of the race.

From cathador's, I.V.'s, to being in a coma,
From stabbin yur wifie's, to throwin up;
Should of listened to those who told ya,
Put down the drugs, before they fold ya.

Try to stop, knowing you really can't,
Leaves you to weak minded to stand;
Against where you're going and where you went,
Hoping yur not laying on the corner, leaving a scent.

That's uncontrollable to the nature's every sense,
Decomposed from the body , straight to the brains,
Is only a mutual dose inside the user's veins;
Coping for those who have to see the stains,
Not able to wash away, even when it rains


  • S A V V Y F. Baybeh!

    **waves lighter in the a-yer slowly**