I'm perfecting my Diddy Dance while I write this..."Yeah..C'mon." [Originally Posted 1/16/09]

Saturday, January 24, 2009
Its colder than polar bear pussy outside.

Short. Concise. Got things to do. Not like people reading the whole thing anyway.

Notorious... Would I recommend it? Posibly. For the 10.00 you pay for that.. Just make sure you dont go to the concession stand. Not worth the nachos. But the sex scenes are the GREATEST. The little brown joint that got kicked out of 3LW...MY MOSES. [lil Kim's character]... Body was on 3000 in the movie. Like her nipples... oh lord her nipples. Look like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. [whoooooosahhh].

But..... [Points down]

Oh my god.. I broke another zipper.

Fucking LOVE her right now. Seriously. Bout to get her tattooed on my heart. Lips= moufkiss

Bew Bew.. I'm going to start tagging you in the notes too baybay... Oww. [Yes.. I befriended her on Facebook... Do what y'all did when y'all found out Lauren London was my friend. Fake like she wasn't real.. then add her on the low. ]

- The whole Cease seeing Pac come into the studio? C'mon now...
Wholetime though... The entire time "Kims" character was in the flick...she was fucking. Like:

Biggie: I'm feeling you, lets go out to eat"
Kim: True, I'm down.
[Cut scene]

Fucking... Inaudible.

Kim: [The funniest shit I've EVER heard in my life said here... While penetration]
Biggie: Whad?
My input:

-Angela Bassett was the biggest name.. with the worse role. She kept going in and out of the island accent. Couldve done better.
- Biggies character was offbeat with ALL the songs. Sure.. you'd be like he aint biggie.. But come on.
- Lil Kim was smutted out. Like every scene.. if she wasnt fucking... she was getting carried. It REALLY wasnt like that in real life.
- I NEVER knew the whole Howard University situation until this movie....
- They jive like covered up the tupac getting shot story since they didnt know the whole situation.
- Faith saying she DIDNT fuck Pac? Come on now. Do I look like boo boo the fool to you. This Tupac we talking bout. I'm sure he hit that joint will listening to Naughty By Nature. I would've. Three times. Blindfolded. Under an old tree in the back of an alley beside a trash can, jeans to my ankles.
- Lil Cease drunk or high the whole movie. Hilarious.
- I DIDNT get to see Faith naked. Everybody seen Kim naked...
- Biggies FIRST baby mother.. Umm.. On a scale of 1 to 10.. If I had three long Islands, and a plastic bag.. She might give me oral..with the lights dim..So... She gets a 4.7/10. Honorable mention. Her breasts though. Christ.

Commercial Break.

Okay. Some slight shit I have to get off my chest. First off.. Its facebook. Its my notes, my blogs. Right? Great. So let me tell you this [directed at some women]. I'm single. Not obligated to neer one of y'all. Right? Great. When I say shit in these notes.. Dont take it to heart. Its the truth. If you want a dude to lie to you, aint me. Dont know WHAT it is about this site that have some females licking their own ass. Example:

Had a conversation with a female..Conversation cool... Then she says some of the dumbest statements ever.

"I dont want to end up in one of your blogs, lol."

Trust me... If I won a billion dollars today or tomorrow.. people would want their cut off that shit just for being mentioned in my memoirs. Feel blessed if I whisper your name in a dark closet at night. Obviously if your worthy of being spoken about, take pride in it. If you think I'm going to talk bad about you, switch your game up. Stop being a dumb bitch. Thats exactly why niggas fuck and duck. I'm just one of the ones that will tell you that if it werent for your pussy, you'd get no men. I wont say no names, but if you know who you are. Fuck that. I will say some names..

Sike. Fuck outta here. So you can get mad? Think again. But....if you got scared....its YOU. Tender hearted? Ouch.

Anyway...That out the way... A conversation I found to be rather funny on Facebook chat last night. Indulge.

ur status is too much but i agree
Fuck that. Like that is horrendous.
Aint NO way.. in THE hell.. ANYBODY should be wearing that shit.
Never..ever ever..ever ever... ever ever..never ever.
but I could see some chic doing that thinking its fashionable or whatever
leave it to the music vid
Swear... I'll run into her before you do. And when I do... MY LORD.
Like when "scarfs" became cool to wear...niggas come in the club... rocking body blanket scarfs.
bc of kanye
That or them cheap, thin ass fashion scarfs. SON.... Its 32 degrees outside... Get a REAL scarf. Hold that shit in the air and breathe on it. If you see your breath on the other end... Wind can come the same way... You will catch hypothermia.

[Okay... this is the end. Aint no more.]

I lied. For the girl who asked me. "Regarding your sex references and sex stories... you got it like that?"

Yes darling.. I try. Not bragging on my dick, but if I dont have confidence in my sex.. then I'd "fucking" suck. So yes.. I got it..

Love this.. New phone wallpaper. THanks


  • Fashion Citizen

    NOTORIOUS was a good movie but I'm with you, it was biased. Big & Kim were an item and Faith/Ms.Wallace know it. Her juggs were beautiful and she's got nice cakes. The faith chick aka Antonique....ehhhh I'll pass.

    On the scarf issue, I rock em but its fashion not warmth.
    Keep up the good work son !