F.U.C.K. Y.O.U. [Using nothing but the letters]

Thursday, January 8, 2009
For forgetting that our forefathers were furious fighters fertile field farmers fascinating for believing these fallialies these faggots feed you... I say.. FUCK YOU

Unfed umbilical cord babies born with ulcers, stressed out by the ultimate addiction, prediction is death..Begotten babies unbirthed by a unbecoming uterus..to the mother... I say FUCK YOU

Cocaine coke and cognac consumers corrupt conscious less children who idolize these cannibalistic candy men... To them i say...FUCK YOU

Kkk klansmen wrapped in police uniforms with K9 Killers, krazy krooked krackers who fed kids kool aid packets dipped in acid..ill kill you with my knife...nah...that aint right...so ill just say.. Fuck YOUR..Self

Youy young gun yoyo yuppies who yap about killing youngins, selling yayo to poor folks to yield and let go of the real life. you yellow bellied yahoos that yank the lives of innocent people..to you.. I say... Fuck you.

Overzealous ovary having, open legged, no options for orientation in the outer limits of your existence opting to have opportunity-less relations with an opinion-less specimen, slap two cents into your resistence.. to you optionless hOES.. i say... FUCK YOU

Unabled beings being restricted by the "dos" and "donts" of this unutopic community unless to me, unbiased society.. please... and the universe.. unixed hoes.. UGGGHHHH... to the unthinking..unblinking..unchanging.. unicorned uppity type people i have but two words...