Katie Couric Interviews lil Wayne

Friday, January 30, 2009
MANNNNNNN. And I thought I was funny.... Just this 1 minute clip had me in TEARS! lmaooo


  • Kita Monroe

    greg u know i always got alot to say but imma keep this short and simple..

    Us black people will never be totally accepted in the world simply because we dont understand our history and respect ourselves wayne is OC....(outta control)

    Im sooo annoyed that being labeled as a GANGSTA even as a grown ass man is cute?!?!


    umm he had me a little scared, like i actually think he's crazy. he has *tendencies.

  • Ms. Lovely

    that blackard is crazy!..and trife looking..smh

  • Eb the Celeb

    I saw this mess and I was so embarassed... a giant leap with barack and all it takes is for a fool like this to set us back 100 years

    crazy that when he's on ESPN's first take he makes sure he doesn't come off ignorant and want to act a damn fool here. SMH!