"A woman's life is love, A Man's love is life". [Touche'.]

Thursday, January 22, 2009
So, I'll quote something a wise man told me that should be the motto for 2009. Because I'm quite uninterested in the "unraveling of relationships via facebook" [Blog of this Friday]

"Relationships are OPTIONAL...so you really can't even kirk on anyone but yourself if you CHOOSE to deal with the issues"

Now, I'm sure your like "Oh fuck... Hes about to go on somebody." Pretty much..dont feel like it today. I have other things that I want to discuss outside of the relationship aspect. Quite frankly I have one relationship post a week.. So give me leeway to speak on something else. Bout to kick knowledge.

Feminist. I have no problem with them.. And I cracked a slight joke about it in the blog about the bottom of the pussy. But I'm sorry.. quotes like these are humor to my day.

"Man that is living to ejaculate.....he's in a predator mode......"

Like who gave birth to these women?

"Some women..ain't no good because the peenus done ejaculated all in her brain"

So umm.. Figured I'd make a unbiased sex topic.. for us males this time. Females have gotten majority of the attention regarding their vaginas. I usually cater to them for the comments and shit.. But umm.. Fuck that. I have a couple QUESTIONS today, versus going on a tangent. Females can put input in on the matter.. But yeah.

  • I've seen it on another one before too and a bunch of porns... And I'm wondering why.... So These chics were using their dildos on themselves but they put a condom on it... Whats the deal with this shit? are they so dirty that they cant keep their toys clean? Its like if us guys were to put on a rubber every time we are gonna beat my meat you know.... Input please?

  • Its 2009. Who is STILL denying oral sex? I've put it like this, nasty as it sounds. If your forehead hasnt gone below a belly button, you will not keep a man. Dudes, if you aren't going out of your way for a female, she wont enjoy the actual penetration. Whoever created that "fourplay" shit is rather much a genious. Take advantage of it. Reserve your energy.

  • All women need to sign up for birth control. That, or stop fucking. The fertility rate is strange. And majority of the good looking women get swindled into having children with [throwing category]: Convicts, shiftless, jobless, worthless, in the closet, cheating, uneducated..men. Its sickening. Now, dont confuse it, I love children, but I'm 21. Sure its cool if it was a mistake.. blah blah..you take care of your child.. BUT.. Just like I'm sure you wouldnt want a man with baby mother..I dont need a female that still has to deal with her childs father. Because like I was telling Stephanie yesterday at Lunch [HEY Stephanie!], dudes dont give up their baby mothers. No excuses. Conversation went as so.

Stephanie: Dudes will go and visit their baby mother, stay over, and use the excuse "Oh..so I cant see my child?"
Me: If thats the case, take your child to the park. Fuck you staying overnight for? Y'all couldnt stand each other 6 months into the pregnancy.
Stephanie: Exactly. Dudes think they are slick.
Me: Something we can agree on.

So this is me slightly hating.. But I'm jive like hating the fact that all the women who had a life, and could be doing a lot more productive shit with their lives..are stuck playing the mommy role so young. Sure.. Moms had ME young. Cool. Main reason I strap tighter. I refuse to have a child unless theres a mysterious hold in the condom after penetrating Lauren London. [Sly eyes].

Moral of that story is: Females, go to Planned Parenthood and get it together. Dudes are grimy. And obviously missing screws. If your cute, your baby mama type. I've heard niggas saying "I'm making sure NO other nigga get her. She mine forever". If this is the way the ball bounces, I'm sticking to golf. Because

Box of condoms > 18 years.

Dont know if I've really spoken on this. I've tried to be as nice as possible this year so people will stop hassling me for being an asshole. But one thing that really disturbs me, and grinds my gears.. V neck t-shirts. I'm slightly hating because my shoulders arent that low to wear them, meanwhile.. Some shit just isnt for particular men to wear. [i.e. G-Unit wifebeaters].

Y'all might have "missed" it.. But.. Heavy D's Reggae cd jive like is the nicest cd I've skipped out on. Granted.. I have home videos as a toddler of me dancing to Heavy D & The Boyz.. But this cd here.. Christ. I suggest you take a listen.


I'm pretty much done. Not trying to be funny today.


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    i DiGG THiS P0ST

    SHiTS REAL !