In Regards to this whole "Celibacy" thing...Then the Hiatus..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Hmm. Let me just say after a day of limited activity on here.. I've been on the outside looking in.. and some people on here.. are pretty much fucking boring. Dont shoot the messenger.. but yeah.. A lot of relationship woes, and Obama quotes. Let me say this... JUST because you were in the same venue as Jeezy, TI, and Jay... DOESNT mean you met them. You are NOT a celebritaunte. I had to fight back my own conscience from really going and saying some shit I shouldnt have said.

"Aww, I was out with my Baby TI in VIP last night".

Sweety.. that VIP was packed. If hes on the left side of the room, and your all the way on the right.. you did not party with him. Lets stand corrected. And to make it WORSE... NONE of the girls writing the shit... had ANY photos.. You sicken me. Ugh

Low self esteem makes women do some of the dirtiest things for attention. Label me a skeptic, but its pretty much stationary that we as a people do for the acceptance of another. I think Kanye put it best:

"We'll buy a lot of clothes, though we dont really need them. Things we buy to cover up whats inside".

I digress.

So after reading Nicoles take on "celibacy", I figured I'd put my input. Swore up and down I'd leave this alone for a minute, but why not state my case. A woman who practices celibacy is fine. Understandable. BUT.. theres a fine line. There are some women who have fucked, and used sex as a reason and excuse for getting, grabbing, or keeping a man. This ladies, is where you go completely wrong. I've seen it too many times. A girl goes, gets in a "fuckship" [a relaitonship based on one way emotions, and a whole lot of sex; I.E. a "fuck buddy"] with a man, after a while the sex brigns forth feelings. She cant take the fact that something she once accepted is dragging her down. So she tries to lock the cage down, and throw the "penalty celibacy" flag up.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you women have your reasons for going celibate, whoo whoo, whatever..But.. from a mans perspective, because I'm nothing else, its a plot. Wikipedia describes celibacy as so:

Celibacy refers to being unmarried or abstaining from sexual intercourse (i.e., chastity). A vow of celibacy is a promise not to enter into marriage or engage in sexual intercourse. The term involuntary celibacy has recently appeared to describe a chronic, unwilling state of celibacy.

Going with this definition alone.. this means one thing. Withholding of sexual apparatus until you settle with your life partner. Its 2009, no woman can do this. Hate me for it, but I'll elaborate. I've come to the conclusion, 97% of women have fallen in love at least twice in their lifetime. They say true love happens once. So, wheres the math, right? Right. Therefore a woman saying shes waiting on the "right one", is pretty much a bullshit reasoning for her past. You should'nt have to barricade your sexual life with a person in order to feel as though they are right for you.

The "Guy" coming out in me. And I'll try to make it as blunt as possible. Yes, your feelings will be hurt. Marjority of you will hate me after...But..

Once you tell a man that you are celibate, and you dont plan on having sex until marriage. Its a trap. No man is seriously..taking you seriously with that statement. Because 12 times out of 10, if your heimen is broke, you've fucked. And if not, you plan on doing so. So when you tell a man he has to wed you in order for him to take the "ultimate intimacy" step with you.. you are "putting a lease on your pussy". You might as well not even mention it in all honestly. Just tell him you are not ready.

Lease on the Pussy: Refer to- Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations.

Example: A woman meets a man. He treats her right, does good by her, she withholds sex. Why? Because hes so PERFECT... she knows theres a problem.

Yet... Twist the scenario. Woman meets man. Mans a dog. He cheats, fucks other females. Never calls, no affection. She donates the pussy like its government cheese. And you know how much niggers love cheese.

And pretty much to sum it up.... You are going to have men marrying you for all the wrong reasons.. And nothing says divorce more than a female with wack pussy. Some of you women have it. And know it. Thats why your playing Trapper Keeper.


Nicole said this:

"Not only will the man I marry be ok with this but he will be doing the same and expect that from me. When I marry that union will be blessed by God. You see God will give the approval of the man I marry. God has actually already picked him out. The man God has chosen is perfect for me. So I am sure that my sex life will be off the chain and blessed by my Lord! As far as the horny part…I usually ignore it….or in a sarcastic tone tell them I go streaking."


Blessings of God, and all of that wu-tang talk is cool...But, practice what you preach. A few heartbreaks makes your chest stronger. If your timid about it, and your practicing for all of the WRONG reasons, then nobody will take you seriously. I personally have a friend who.. since having a baby has become very spiritual, and is now on the celibacy route. Me.. being who I am.. in the back of my mind.. I say to myself "okay.. she just dont want to have no more babies right now. So she throws that cxcuse to men". I could be wrong.. but whats a better defense mechanism, condoms? Ha. Thought so.

Moral of the story is.. If your virginity has been lost, you cant vouch for it back [I've tried]. Its not coming back. So me saying I'm going celibate, slim and none. I tried the 60 day method. It felt good, but by day 61, I had so many unpure thoughts, the person I slept with didnt sleep that evening. So ladies, yes.. a guy will be quick to change the topic to something else, or never call you back after you speak on the celibacy thing. I mean, can you blame him? Sure.. you are being outright and forward with him when he asks you... but.. be real. At OUR young age now.. how long have you gone without sex.. seriously. I know some will say "a year", some will say a couple months.. But celibacy has no time table sweetheart. And if your looking for the right one, and never find him... there are a lot of days on the calendar to Never. Think about that.

I'm done.

Edit: My opinion may or may not be the same as yours... If you disagree... comment.

No jokes.


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    yo .. thats the most interesting read i've seen on blogger in a while.. I completely agree.. Chicks need to stop trynna lease the pussy/..