Moist Satin Sheets Pt. 2: "Like it Is [Its Raining]"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Have you ever had sex in the rain? I bet you havent had it like this. Let me tell you a story about what sex with ME would be like in the rain.

We wait until its around 10, 11pm. Im horny.. your horny.. So i tell you "Baby, lets take a ride".. But this ride is different.. I want you to put this on. And i hand you the red and black laced blindfold. Your used to my wild excapades.. But this is different. Weve done it plenty of times before in the car.. But you say "Baby.. its raining". When we first started talking.. I remember you saying that was always one of your fantasies to do it in a secluded area in the rain...So tonights the night. With a twist.

I drive you around in a circle...And park underneath a tree. I whisper in your ear something sweet and innocent while i put the care i park. You think its time for you to take the blindfold off.. No No. Keep it on.

Raindrops hitting the windshield.. You can hear each drop now that the windshield washers are off. I tell you sit right here, and climb out of the drivers side, come over to your side.. and get you out on your side. I tell you turn around... and put your hand on your back. You oblige.. And i put the handcuffs on you. Tonight.. Your my inmate..

I walk you over to a grassy area... one hand on your wrist.. and another holding the umbrella, making sure you dont get wet... For now. And i sit you down on a bench.. i unloosen your handcuffs. And i tell you its okay to take off your blindfold.. you take off your blindfold...And you are AMAZED. Ive never done something so special for you.

In front of you.. Is a air mattress filled with water underneath the canopy that we stand under. You look at me like "boy.. you better stop".... Trust your not ready. Im beginning. I want no interruptions tonight. So i take the batteries out of both of our phones and left them in the car. I take the sidekicks and throw them. Only sidekick you need is the one between my legs. I'll be your Tmail tonight baby. Im trying to make love to you until people are driving to work the next morning. Dont worry.. You wont make work tomorrow.. I already called your boss and told them there was an emergency.. Your were having problems with your legs... And will..

So i see your semi glissening body from the raindrops that did touch you... And ask you one question.. "Can i make you wet sweetheart".. Of course your going to say yes.. Would you turn down this dick? Honestly. I've held out giving it to you for a week already. its about time to see how much of a contortionist you can be. So its time to undress. I want your sex. You like what i like.. I like what you like.. So lets put our "heads" together. So i take you from under the canopy..And BACK into the rain.. With no umbrella.

Your hair soaking wet. It wont matter, because imma mess it up even more. I grab your hand and we run over to the playground a couple feet from the canopy. I see a swing over by the corner.. So you know whats on MY mind already.... Dont you? So i take the swing.. and i flip it up a little bit so its chest level. I tell you.. Get on it. So you get on the swing.. and we turn it into the "DO ME CHAIR" of the night. You lay flat in the air. The only support you have if the thin peice of leather from the swing seat. Your back and thighs exposed for my shaft to conquer. So as you lay back... raindrop pounce onto your naked chest, my exposed back as i insert myself into your love canal. Im being gentle.. Letting your natural lubrication from your juice mixed with mother natures rain create a love mist around my dick. Im manifested by your body's artwork. Never have i seen a body so perfect. And the rain does it no justice. I GOT to have it. No love song can describe the things im trying to do with it.

Your little body is an instrument that i want to play. Im going to blow into you slowly like a trumpet. making musical hum noises to intice your thighs until your legs quiver. Then im going to put my mouth on it and get real exclusive with it. Play melodies on your clit like a flute while my fingers make coordination unison with you pussy piano. Theres NO lip gloss for the second set of lips you have.. but i want to kiss them. Suck on each corner, crack and crevice. Put the WHOLE pussy in my mouth as i pick you up from the swing and eat it in midair.

Wrapping your legs indian style around my head i taste your essence, over and over.. Licking in every direction possible. You ever had your pussy formed into shapes? I lick squares, circles, pentagons, diamonds, octogons, and TRIANGLES on that thing girl. Im a fool with this tongue. You telling me you've never been licked like this before.. You gotta stop messing with lames baby..Only games i play come with controllers...So you know im serious about my sex craft. Gently, i let you down on the ground as i stop the licking for a quick instance. Bodies SOAKIN, dripping in rain, i bend you over the swing and tell you....

"Go to work.. I last as long as your trying to go. This your dick. Enjoy it."

Fuck that... Thats all you needed to hear didnt you? Ha. so you instantly start going to work on the dick. I grab the rope of the swing to gain leverage from the back as you use the swing to gradually swing back and forth on the dick.. Moaning with every inch that goes inside of you.

"Take control.. I want you to fuck me.. NO mercy" You say...

I grab the ropes of the swing.. and go to town on that pussy from the back. With no hands you feel the dick in places the previous lovers in your lives couldn't find in mapquest sponsored directions to your g spot. But I have all night. And im potent. If i dont find it now.. I have all night to. Trust that. So i dig in it deep... and finally let go of the ropes. You hold on to them instead as i palm your ass cheeks and drill you thoroughly. You take my left hand and put my index finger in your mouth while i fuck you from the back. Tasting your juices, from when i rubbed your pussy from the back, i use the right hand to grab your neck as i roughhouse the pussy for you.

"You enjoy it? Whos pussy is it? You like the way that dick feel in that warm pussy?"

"Ooooh yes" you proclaim. Its hard not to, all the cum you have dripping off of the edge of the seat of the swing.

So we decide to take it over to the waterbed, because your legs get tired from the countless positions that I put you in. From you riding on top of me, from the back, amungst other things.

So i take you over to the bed.. You lay me down... Body looking like it was scultped to perfection. I look you in your eyes and tell you "Make love like its the last time"....

And you proceed.


  • Nisey

    umm yea... who are you and what planet?

  • ALL shapes? Mapquest? I have to read this again. GOOD JUICY STUFF!