Ey, Bet you didnt know THIS much from my blogs..did you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Okay. So I ended up being tagged to the infamous "25 things you dont know about me" movement. Fun? Right. "Wrote a song bout it... like to hear it? Here goes."

  • I'm terrified of that song "dont worry, be happy". Ever since a child, hated the song. The video pretty much still scares the shit out of me.
  • Used to <--key word.... Have a fetish for light skinned women. Not very "pase'" when it comes to brown women, but I've learned to like and want them more. Diversiying options.
  • I'm a horrible liar. Mostly because I'll say it, and it comes off like a lie. Question is.. Did I just lie about that statement? Hmm...
  • Have a phobia about red nail polish. Something about it. Scary. Sue me.
  • Think women should shave or wax. Its 2009, no reason for you to have a afropuffs on your cooter region. Not saying all women should take clippers to their whispering eye area.. but still.. That "oh I trim" thing.. Uhh yeah.. We'll discuss that in another note. It;ll be long. Wait for it....
  • I never publically speak or broadcast family issues or problems. Granted..my father will deal with consequences later in life... Still dont speak on shit like that.
  • HATE the following terms: [Maybe, I dont know, I'll think about it. ] I live in a yes or no world. I suggest you do the same. I've sassed endless amounts of people who "get by" on half ass answers.
    Half asses dont get shit. - Anonymous [really me on the low though. Shh.]
  • Determined to learn to play the piano [like Fio].
  • In elementary school, I cheated on my fourth grade girlfriend with her friend. She forgave me though. [First and only time I'll ever admit that.]
  • Went to a psychologist in middle school. People pissed me off. And I was going through puberty. But I'm all better now. Even though that bitch ass dude took my journals I used to write as reference, and never gave them back. "i needs those".
  • I'm easy to get to. I have a hard shell, but once you slip through, anything you say and do negatively.. yeah.
  • I laugh when I see a group of black girls have that "token white or spanish" girl in their click that dress and look better than them. [points and laughs. HAAA! You know you have one!
  • Drake will save hip hop.
  • As much as I hate Soulja Boy... I must admit.. I have "Soulja Girl" as a song on my ipod. Strange, ey?
  • Have unpure thoughts about twins. And I shall make pene [short for penetration] with one before my bedtime [death].
  • Lipton Iced Tea pisses me off. Soon as it gets good, I realize the can is empty. Not a good look.
  • "Look Who's Talking too" is my favorite movie of all time, outside of "Coming to America". But I will lie to everyone else, and say somethign else.
  • The last cd I bought was the "bad boys 2" soundtrack.
  • The worse porn I have on my hard drive is: "Fucked Up Facials". [i know. Nasty. I tried to delete it, but.. its funny to show people. So it stays.]
  • I used to have a cursing problem. Now, I just swear a lot.
  • When I was younger.. Mickey mouse pushed me into a wave pool at Disney World. I almost died. As a result.. I'm afraid of him. Posters and shit creep me out. [ill write a note about this later as well]
  • Im nocturnal.
  • If I dont have sex in a period of 2,3 weeks. I get really cranky, and start saying some rude vulgar things. [peep my status steelo]
  • No kids. <--Sexy.