"My Life Is A Prism" [Poem]

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Me is i am, Just a Solid Figure with no organs or glands.
With Truth lies under all the sides, with reflection peering threw Parallelograms.
Im a transparent figure, with no clashing no fights, no emotions, no rights.
Tho you dont grasp that, light passes threw my Spectrum with hot barrows of beaming lights.
im a desert plattio, with no water or grief, with death defying my moves and candles near.
im a cut-glass object, hanging by chains and cords like pendants of a Chandelier.
im a Crystal, burnt in 3 similar ashes, with held Flesh in my eyes a Parallel Axis.
Me, Addverb has ben Cut and Cut again, now when i blush im blue.
A medium in life, People Glance at my Passion but misspresent whats seen threw.
My mind is a blank space, soon to be free and brake all the locks.
Im a knowledge hungry person, who needs to learn how to think out side the box.
Yes, Addverb is me, Im the Sum or Range that has minds being perceived.
Addverbilouz my name, im no longer a Prism cluster of me.
im a discovery, a carnal of education, now im forever relieved


  • before the hype

    "Im a knowledge hungry person, who needs to learn how to think out side the box."

    I love this line. And completely agree.
    Like the poem. And the blog is interesting.

    I'll be around. . .
    [but not in a crazy stalker way. LOL]

  • Fashion Citizen

    I dig this homie. It's good to see fellas that aren't afraid to say they're complex. Contrary to society, all black men aren't one dimensional beasts.