"When keeping it real goes WRONG..Via Facebook"

Monday, January 26, 2009
Alright. Facebook had a SLIGHT altercation today. I shouldve stayed my ass on hiatus like I originally planned. But let me mosey right along with the scenario without cards being dealt.

I get a friend request from a female that I met off myspace. I'm like okay cool, so I add her [after asking who she was, I clearly forgot]. Come to find out, she's friends with my "sister". I dont know if it was a plot to be nosey, or just mutual friends, but whatever. None of my business. Come to find out, theres two females in my circle that are talking to the same dude. They dont know it, but instead of confronting the dude, they are TRYING [key word trying], to be civil and talk the situation out.

[Dude nowhere to be found at this moment.]

Moving right along.. Heres where the high school petty games and bullshit come into effect. [Main reason why relationships should NOT be broadcast on social networks.] Granted, dc is SMALL. I'm 98% positive I've talked to two females that knew of each other... multiple times, cool. However.. the dating them, and playing claim to them both, never done. So they are under the impression they are "involved" with dude. Dude tells one hes serious with one because he cant get with the other one and the other one isnt about being serious. Otay.. Something I can concur thoughts on. Works for me.

However, instead of being grown women like they STARTED out to be... the bitchfoonery begins. Now I love BOTH these women to death. But I refuse to chose one over the other....

So the facebook statuses begin changing.

Back and forth.. "bitches", and "uglys". And then photos start getting posted of "look alikes" of the other girl with dude. I chuckled a few times actually at the flava flav one. Brought joy to my miserable monday.

But then... Pass interference... Defense. [And im HIGHLY dissapointed in the person too]

The friend swooshes in started putting in HER opinion on the situation. [And a quote from a friend of mine...]

"lol i let the homies handle my lightweight! because the drama that bores me excites the hell out of her "

Regardless of the fact that it had ZERO to do with her, she felt moreso obligated to defend her friend. Which is cool.. BUT.. And I'd probably do the same.. YET... When your friend gives up and says "fuck" the situation, you should take heed and do the same fucking thing. Dont go and SICE the situation, co-signing, trying to add fuel to the fire. I HATE that shit. I despise that shit. Reminds me of them bullshit fights in high school. UGH:

Cast: Shit Talking girl, BF Issues Chick

Shit talker Girl: Man, if I was you, I'd HIT that bitch. Fuck her. You know? I say we rock her ass.

BF Issues Chick: I know right? Man, fuck that bitch, she aint got nothing on me. Imma cut that bitch.

Shit talker girl: Yeah, and that bitch ass nigga too.

BF Issues Chick: Oh fuck him girl, I wanna get that broad. I aint concerned bout him

[PAUSE.]---At this point, your Shit talker is supposed to shut up and just calm her down. But does that happen? NEVERRRRR.

Shit talker girl: Oh nah girl, he need to get it too, he going and fucking other joints. You better than that bitch.. etc etc etc... blah blah blah.. "YeAh, You hit her first, and I'mma follow up!!!"

Ladies.. at this point... your girlfriend is using you for.. ENTERTAINMENT. Shes no longer concerned if you get locked up for stabbing someone. You are just entertainment. NOT a trill friend.

Moral of the story is... Your friend needs to chill and lay low, sit back, and just let you... the one WITH the issues handle them. This is the problem with majority of women. Instead of handling a situation, they will let their FRIENDS dictate how it should go. Put their comments and input in...and not know the whole situation. You, being their friend, should slap HER for bringing more tension.

If MORE people thought like this... the scenario wouldnt be.

  • YOU fighting the girl
  • Neglecting the dude who will move to the next bitch
  • Your friend possiby trying to fuck him next. [you know women like shit they cant have. Whats better than your friends man?.. dont say you wont..then play you wont]
  • You getting locked up.

When keeping it REAL.... goes... wrong.



  • 1/3

    lol I agree. the friend jumping in made the situation worse. I dont know why the girls arent mad at the guy for lying to them both. no offense no guy is worth fighting over and getting a record for lol

  • lol.. if bitches would just know their roles and shut their mouthes things wouldn't be the way they are.. if a dude tells u that he can't commit to u then u need to bag back cuz u deserve better..but to stoop to name calling and all that otha shit is exactly y * in kaye west voice* you lose, you lose..
    what she don't know is i washed my hands with that shit after i left the last message.
    idk bout n e one else but if u don't talk to "ur dude" for 2 weeks then u may need to check ur situation ya dig!!
    it's cool tho cuz i know my role so with that said imma shut my mouth

    here's to being the bigger woman..

    p.s i am now and always be the shit!! don't get it twisted...

    missigoturman..over n out!

  • ignorance is the state in which a person lacks knowledge, sophistication or intelligence. The word Ignorant is an adjective describing a person in that state.

    i guess people go based off 1 sided stories lol jus like he's tellin me anything sweetie, he's doing the same to u. good day little girl.

  • this is a new day so imma jus say this.. i tried to get ur side of the story.. did i not? u are the one who strted all the name calling like i wasn't gonna find out... u are right i am ignorant to ur side of the story and til u tell me i will always be..just like u are ignorant to mines... so until u or he proves to me that what i see in him is lie i will be going on with my life just the way it was before u came into the picture...u or any otha chick don't matter to me...

    missigoturman has washed her hands with that matter..i suggest u do the same!!

  • IGottaPhatty

    well with all that said the friend needs to stay out the situation! Only the 3 ppl involved need to handle the situation...both parties talking to him at the same time will work so everyone know what da busines is....ya dig!

  • I've stayed quiet through this whole thing but i'm kinda tired of SMH soooo what i will say is..What a nigga does 2 one chick he's sure 2 do 2 the next BITCH!! Morg ur my lil sis and i've personally givin u my input on it all i understand y u don't feel the need to explain urself to ANYONE its ur problem his loss and HER mess sooooo all that about "MissIGotYourMan" should prolly b calmed the FUCK down cuz u flaunting and braggin is showin that ur not even sure of ur place in his life so GROW UP and CHILL OUT we've spoken and don't wanna talk anymore so we're gonna exit stage left and leave u and "HIM" in this made for Face Book soap opera....GOOD DAY!!!!

    P.S I'm not actin as a 3rd party speakin 4 Morg but i'm actin as an older sis stating my thoughts its a free country right?!?! OH AIGHT!!

  • Truly truly. I'm just hoping the shit all gets cleared up because I personally am not chosing between two people I love to death