"Circa 2009 Love Song"...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
They told me this should be a love song..
stranded crystalized strains and glass plains
in the boxcar crashing you like a train
left you dreaming as you felt ya lungs expand
times not on demand yet everyone callin you..
actin like you they favorite dopeman
tellin you in a week they rich
as you see through the sales pitch
still roll the optimo left all them boys throwed
just cuz you could rims still spinnin hands still clutchin wood
left you in tears to watch me pull away
as everyone like "damn shouldnta let him leave today"
lost ya product didnt manage ya funds right
but yet ya still call me again tonight
left ya girl hangin to grab a glock start bangin
just to come at me askin "you still slangin'?"
will be tommorrow and the next too
but you constantly ask "can i come through?"
dont even gotta knock now
steady comin down my block now
leavin whoever you with and everything ya got hot now
ya friends sicka' lendin all they got now
feelin bad for ya lips lookin ashy
but like shaggy it wasnt me
i aint keep your habit but yet i did
helped with too many 20's to leave ya wife n kid'
and now im rich and you beggin' for a ride
remember back then i was the one 2 leggin long side
learn from the game not the players
but yet the last thing said for you was prayers..
No Wins All Losses learn from ya mistakes
first they ya friends soon they money fill your dinner plates..
still be the man that carried ya memory out those graveyard gates...


  • Ms. Minnie

    I luv this poem!
    Paints a drastic yet interesting picture, looking forward to more poetry from u!