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Friday, January 23, 2009
Good Morning.

First and foremost... Be prepared to read a lot. And Disclaimer.. I say some shit about Diddy in this note. I'm a fan, but my opinion is unbiased. Deal with it. Random tags. Deal with it.

You might as well say I'm having a case of writers block [weird right?] But I'm finally seeing the bigger picture of things. Went on an "outing" last night. Hate the term "date" nowadays. I told her something that I've never told a female. On the ride back home, I jive like laughed at myself, because it made PERFECT sense, yet I never could put the words into context until AFTER the fact. Crazy, right? Basically I told her as so: "Dont consider this a date. Might as well call this an outting. Theres nothing we can learn from each other sitting in a movie theatre. I'm getting to know you, so give me a couple more outtings before coming out and going on a date."

Reason I told her in this manner is because its amazing how many women pride themselves on being taken to a movie. Its NOT a date. Maybe my concensus of a date is different from the rest of the population. But conversation and direct eye contact is in order for that. Theatres clearly tell you turn off all phones, and shut the fuck up right before the movie starts. Kills the "datign' mood. However theres been many of "things" that have/could happen in a theatre. So much so.. I'm kind of scared to touch the armrests in the theatres. Too many times have I seen [cough] a females head gradually move from her seat to the one beside hers. Reminds me of that sex story by Zane in the Sex Chronicles. Im STILL curious about how head with Nacho cheese would fill. When I read that.. I pretty much got harder than trying to change your first name to "Muhammad" on facebook. [Trust me.. someone I know tried it.. and they wont let you change your name to hussein, Muhammad, and other "third world defense" contries. Check it.]

Needless to say, I'm going to go see "Notorious" at the movie premiere tomorrow. Then I'm just realizing to myself... Like.. who the fuck is telling his story for him? In all fairness.. I'm sure Mrs. Wallace isn't. What mother would'nt portray her son in a good light? And Faith... Lord. I wont even speak on that chick. Loved her cds... but after she did that 180 when he died.. she pretty much lost my respect. Remember when she was denying that her and Tupac fucked [even though we all knew she prolly was topping off Diddy too]..Then 9 years later, she has a book out explaining shit, and dogging Biggie out. Kind of fucked up, right? Butt hats neither here or there. I want to discuss ONE thing. WHY IS BAD BOY RECORDS THE GRAVEYARD? Like honestly.. When you sign a contract to that label... this is the fine print...

"Oh by the way... You can have a few hot singles.. but the first sign of you about to blow up... Sean Combs will shelf you."

You might as well take my words to the bank, because I'm a LOYAL Bad Boy fan. But I wont sit here and neglect that this man SHITS on his artist. Majority of his money comes from the 35% he gets from Ciroc sales.. and the Sean John brand. Bad Boy makes that man NO money. So.. what he does...

He hits the road.. gets people together put them in a house, makes a band out of them. Teach them to sing and dance, maybe get a few rumors circulating he's fucking one of the female artist. Then to keep his name buzzing in your ear before you tune it out.. He breaks them up.

Did "Dream" come out with a second album? Yeah... I didnt think so either.

How many singles did "Hustlenomics" have? Precisely.

What about B5? Remember the first time you heard "All I Do"? Even I was like "Turn that shit up... joint rocking". Harmonizing "I cant wait to get to school each dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". [End song]. Now where they at? On Disney Channel singing Jingles.

Okay.. Fuck being nice... Where the fuck CRAIG MACK at? FLAVA IN YA EAR BITCH! Cheri Dennis? Mario Wynans? Better yet.. Carl Thomas? LORD Carl Thomas.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I want to shout Carl Thomas out for being the cd I had great multiple orgasmic sex to.Multiple times Funny thing bout the cd.. is you can have sex to "Summer Rain" in the middle of December at a Ski Lodge in a blizzard, and STILL be a great song. Like my God. Y'all do NOT understand the severity of that cd.

Okay.. I went on a tangent.. But yeah.. Da Band? Who told that nigga Dylan he could rap though? Seriously.. If there was a list for the top 5 worthless rappers in Hip Hop ever.. He'd be in first place, right before the Rapping Chiwawa, the Geico Gecko, Spliff Star, and a deaf mute. However.. Sarah... My Christ. Like the first time I seen her in a dress on the show...I broke the zipper on my jeans. Neglect the fact that she whinned like a third grader, and took forever to hit notes.. But when the cd came out.. YES! Classic. I remember paying $5.00 in high school to dude in my Computer Science class for it [THis before Ipods..when niggas walked round with backpacks of burnt cds for profit]...

But anyway.. Diddy has raped a lot of his artist. But thats my nigga though. Only cause he did some "Big Man" shit most dudes wouldnt do.

[Had to take this part out. ]

Gave a million dollars to Katrina. Even though thats spending money for him. Look what Bush has done. Case closed.

The term "Bitchassness". Self explanatory.

Cassie. Even tohugh she sings like a 3rd grader names Tommy, and refuses to stick to modeling.. DIddy rocket launched her.

Aubrey. Swear.. If America went on a "No penalty, no law, " effect for 48 hours.. I would fly to whereever she was.. penetrate her blindfolded and probably plant a seed. Dont know WHAT they did to her... But the Aubrey from the Auditions wasn't hitting on NOTHING. But now.. My GOD.. I put this on a stack of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea.. I would make love to her. Moufkiss and all.

So bout this Notorious movie.. I will have some more to say AFTER the premiere... This is just the first little "outcome".


  • Fashion Citizen

    Good movie homie and I've said that Badboy is definitely whackness now. Diddy should close shop and stick to Sean John, but def hit me when you see it...I wanna know how you feel about the Lil' Kim scenes lol

  • this right'chea...some of the realest.shit.everrr. thank u for pointing out that going to the movies does not constitute as a date. ur sitting in the dark, no should just go to movies alone. I'd rather a guy just take me to panera bread or something so I can pick his brain and decide whether or not he's crazy or sane. thank u for putting that out there. now as for bad boy...shananananashouldaboughtahonda!!! if that aint the truth?! I don't care how hungry an artist is they should never sign with bab boy. diddy is definitely a career-killer. let's not forget elephant man got signed to bad boy...when was the last time we heard from his ass either? yup..and another one...
    loved this post, waiting on ur synopsis of notorious!

  • btw.. comment is from "yup...simone be talking shit" I forgot my sign in :)