The Decline in Pursuit...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yeah. Chivalry is dead. At least via the Internet. Ill elaborate. On the 19th..I was getting to know a female via facebook a little bit more. What's new right? So the conversation goes decent enough to progress to me asking for information of contact outside of facebook. I'm blunt..but I know when to go and walk into opportunity.

Me: Well I guess we'd have to figure out something. Then again, I have no contact info for you at all anyway..
Her: of course u do...facebook!!

The fuck?

Granted...its 8:23am when I check the message, and there's even less of a chance of me caring about shit like that. But my conscience says "is this what they so? Just go back and forth via internet for months attempting to know anything about a person?"

If that's the case I see why so many people fail at the chase and date game. I used to think it was me. Now I'm determined its them. And if you just so happen to think you are one of the many I speak are.

When I explained to Kita the situation...she summed it up in less than three sentences:

Kita: "o tru... She's the bullshitter from hell that's afraid of being face to face with u scared of the outcome???

Precisely. Now its the club...women are uptight about being approached. I don't even remember when its been cool to meet a girl outside randomly and book her. They are scared of that. Remember when you could go to a mall or party. See a girl...walk on her...tell her you dig her persona, and she was convinced you were about business? Exchanged numbers and converse? Not anymore. These circa 2000 broads will give you a myspace page.

I'm determined to raise my dating bracket to 26-28 after February. Because they should be peaking on the age where they know exactly what will and won't be tolerated.

I type my life in a blog..however I do not live precariously through a keyboard. Meeting people is my thing. So miss me with that "let's go back and forth in messages". I've got a short patience, and my attention span is horrid. Its nothing for me to move right along. I'd go on and on.. but I figure the pictures been painted by now.

[I'm done. Short blog.]


  • Nisey

    That Facebook situation= She's just not that into you. Either that or she's a 90's baby I dont think they even hold phone convos anymore. Besides, a lot of people create this alter ego on the computer, another side that they cant transpire through face to face or phone communication. We all might be a lil guilty of it but I mean really its wackness at its best. If your feeling someone the last thing you should wanna do is have to keep hitting that 'reply' button... On to the next...

  • miss bradley

    LOL to 90's babies and them not holdin phone convo's anymore. But for real, it's just so odd whether women or men, how so many of them now and find so much more comfort in talking to someone through the computer or texting...we need to learn how to communicate again or some people need to learn how to communicate for real. Facebook, myspace, etc. is not the only way of communication.

  • Fashion Citizen

    Don't be fooled son, 26-28 years old bullshit just as much as their younger counterparts. You've just gotta find the woman secure enough in herself to not have all these damn walls and foolishness around her. Hard task indeed...

  • Kita Monroe

    You know my thoughts on this situation like I said in the blog she obviously on her shit soooo off to the next...