Moist Satin Sheets: Over there, in the air, she dont care

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Want to know why she came? Because of me. The argument you had, she told me about it. I listened. I remember her vividly saying how much she hated you. So I comforted her. I was her comfort. One thing led to another and I had her on my comforter".

Started off rough. I fucked her like I hated her. Because she hates you. But she loves it. I dont even remember where her panties landed. Or if they even came off. Her bra was still on. We fucked.. Over there. Yeah. That couch..? All over it. Watch where you sit. Those teeth marks on the middle of it came from her when I grinded inside her from the back. It wasnt the dog. Didnt help that the loveseat was there too. We did it over there. She loved it, I fucked it. She sucked me, I sucked her. Funny thing about it.. I actually glanced over and seen the photo of you two. Guess those were the good times. But we're having one now.

Her hairs swaying in my face, juices dripping down my shafts as she commands the attention. Grabbing my face to turn and face her. She sinks her teeth into my neck, biting, and nibbling and sucking. I lean to the side so she can get more. She may have put hickies everywhere that night. I need a full body mirror to check. Back to the scenario, here we go. Shes still aiming for my neck, the necklace you bought her rubbing across my shoulder. I pop it and throw it across the room. Then I commit to sucking her breasts, licking her nipples, kissing under the bottom of them, and gradually licking down to her navel. Your girls so fiesty. Why have you caged this beast so long?

Doing everything I want her to do, I told her to take it all. We've done this before, so she knows what position it is. Only problem was location. Told her lets try something new, so I go and lift her up and move the keyboard off the table. Her legs on my shoulders, the deeper I go, the louder she moans. I'm licking down her thighs until I can feel my tongue licking her toes. So why not suck on them? I did. She likes that. She loves it. Yet I'm still pushing inside her. For you, she says "deeper". For me, she's trying to gasp on air. She knows I dont need all that talking. Baby I'm focused. Damn... You might want to replace that mouse. She just ripped it out as she cums for the fourth time. My little elevator baby. She came up, now she wants to go down.

Hopping off the table, she gets down in position to start giving me pleasure. And I'll take whats offered. I've done it before. So she attempts to take it all in. At this point.. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head. I grab the hair off the side of her face, and cuff it into a fist at the top. Now she tries to take it all in. "baby, this not going to work, hold on" she goes. She gets up, digs into the cabinet, and grabs that bottle of goodhead she stashed away. Your never home anyway. She takes two drops and places them at the back of her mouth. Squirts a dab on my dick, and then she gives it a kiss. Ahh...its warm enough to slide right in.

After a good 45 minutes of pleasuring each other orally. I decide to stand her up, and fuck her good, vertically. We fuck on the wall over the air. Shes up and down like escalators. Or was that elevators? I cant keep track. She makes the sexiest dip in her back. So much so I find myself taking photos on my phone while I hit it from the back. Want to see? Look.

She loves the penetration. When I hit it from that position, she tells me to pull her hair. She dont really care, long as pain is pleasure, she requires more and more. Now we're in your bed. Fucking. Rough as its supposed to be. We've ran though countless bedsheets. She calls me Mr. Weekend Lover. Fuck her great high, drunk or sober. I never dissapoint her. But you do. But she dont care about you.

Your through...


  • Fashion Citizen

    I meant to comment on this before...this is some real rap right here. That first line, "Wanna know why she came, because of me"...crushing blow but one that I'm sure happens often. Good piece here sir.