The Ratio for Women to men is 26 to 1...Debate?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pardon me while I adjust myself...

So... I made the status.. And it was funny to see so many defensive women. Reason why I say this.. is mainly because a woman can practically have any man that they chose, right? So.. Why when the ratio is thrown out that there are more of you than there is men, a womans only defense mechanism seems to be "that counts for ugly women, blah blah blah blah blah". Cool, I understand most and some are in there feelings regarding this. And you should be. The threat that your man could have 25 women, 17 possibly being that much better than something HARD to deal with. Very hard. I guess you all need to step up your game. Meanwhile... one girl in particular made a "funny". Saying "Gay homosexual men" are a part of that 26.

* pause. Now... Whats worse than having 17 women better than you in the competition for a man? A man betting you. A lot of you women should feel bad. If a man..steals your *cough.. man... Your life is hard. And thats sad. I'm sorry. As much as I love vagina.. aint no way in THE hell. I'm scared to sit on public toilets minus the ones in my office [Them motherfuckers are clean. Sue me. i use the paper toilet condom things.]

Needless to say, ladies.. you need to come to terms with this.

There will be someone better than you. A lot of them. No matter how great you are. How many degrees you have, how wonderful your sex drive is... there is always better. And for some men... quite frankly.. that motto is correct... "Theres nothing like new pussy".

Think of it like a new pair of shoes, ladies. You go, try them on, you turn to your girlfriend and say "Well, if they only had these in brown".

Men say "Well damn.. if only I had me a hispanic chick"

So.. me.. being the balance of all my male friends.. I asked three of my guy friends. E, Nell, and Jaren. The question was... "How do you like the odds, 26 to 1."

E- Fuck yes.
Nell- awaiting reply
Jaren- Do you have to ask twice?

*Frank Luca Voice "My nigga"

Funny thing said:

Her: 13 of them are ugly mountain monkeys, 7 of them are lesbians, 3 of them are virgins and 3 of them just settle for less or whats there!!!!its your"
Me: Whew... a LOT of women in their feelings. lol.

Whats wrong with a virgin?
Ugly women- Men still fuck them. Just look at some of y'all friends. Exactly. Siobahn... Come on now shawty..

So Mary... out of those choices... what are you? Because you arent gay, you arent a virgin, and I'm sure you dont settle

Dont worry... I'll wait."
Her: i am a gay virgin so i take up 2 of those slots, thank never been to the mountains if thats what ur gettin @..LMAO u dumb as shit tho'
Me: Eww, your a gay virgin? I think you need to have your twat stapled, and recylced. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. lmao. You never been to the mountains? Fakingggggggggggggg

I've come to terms with this. Even though the odds are 26 to 1... Not all men will end up with a good woman. Its just the way it works. Mainly because... some men are greedy. I cant tell you how many myspace/facebook girls that I PERSONALLY know that have been knocked up just for looking good. Takes me back to my old buddy, old pal Darnell. Basically he met a girl... offline [new wave movement. People dont meet in public no more.. its not cool.]. Sure, she was cute [I knew her personally.] But end of the day.. she was all about attention, and networking. [woman after my own heart..]...They talked for a good couple weeks.. He gave her some Cobra Head [penis], and knocked her up.

I get a baby shower invitation. I call him.

Me: Dude.. You cant be serious. You got [her] pregnant?
Darnell: Yeah.. thats mine, stamped. Aint nobody taking that. I got me a keeper.
Me: So instead of wifing her... you stuck with her for 18 years. 24 if the kid go to college. Different strokes for different folks.

Moral of the story is: Condoms have variety. Like the 26 to 1 ratio. Strap up, lay her down. Pull out. Its not rocket science.

Also... As many times as I've thought about having a threesome with two women.. I'm too greedy. And I cant be held accountable for beign greedy with my penis. I've watched plenty of orgy and threesome pornos.. and one thing that I cant get into..the seeing another females face in another female pussy while I'm behind her.

Fuck am I talking about. That shit sounds wonderful. lol. Christ. Whewwwwwwww.

BUT.... The only issue I seriously have.. is say if you get a girl to do that shit with another girl. And she likes it... She might hit you with that "I want two dudes this time, you wanna join?".

2 women + 1 man= 3some.

2 men + 1 female= gangbang

And I have too much pride to sit there high fiving another man while he's fucking her while I'm waiting my turn. But two woman.. happy happy joy joy...

This has been a public service announcement by..


I'm sorry.... whoever photoshopped this.... is funny as shit... Seriously.


  • Fashion Citizen

    26 to 1...what odds! You know some women can't stand to know they're replaceable. As far as dude going raw dog in 09, that's ridiculous unless its Lauren London, Oprah,or one of the other bad rich joints of the moment lol Also agreed on the 3some discussion, 2 women is ideal but rare my good man.