Sex Story #1: Portions of a Pen

Monday, January 5, 2009
Girl i been ready to do some serious things to you. last night when i was alone.. I took out a notepad and began to write things that i would do to you if I was given a chance. So I picked up the mechanical pencil over the pen because... Quite frankly.. i might have to erase some of my thoughts in order to surprise you with better ones. Because im a freak. i need a strait jacket on my dick the way I go wild in the bedroom. You hear me? So there I was. index finger on my head pondering things that would make you want to practice karma Sutra in the wildess ways. What about doggy style? Everybody seems to like that position nowadays. I can imagine you arching your back down with your face making conversation with the black satin sheets. Meanwhile im behind you, sweat glistening from my chin down my chest, making acquaintance with your pussy juices. Nuts slapping the top of your pussy from the back as i palm your left ass cheek. I take it out slow just to see the cremy filling of your krispy Creme Creme Caramel flavored doughnut hole. I show it to you like "Damn baby.. I didnt know you could creme like that. Makes me wanna start drinking Decaf. Just hand me 6 packs of sugar from your lips, and Ill get the creme from within your hips. You laugh like you usually do. But back to the mood, its time to get back into you. So back i slide in slow so you can feel every inch individually. But with swift change, i take your left leg, and flip you over some with that leg in the air. As im stroking inside you, i lick down your thigh to your kneecaps, and back up around your ankle. Kissing around your ankle and behind your heel, i blow air on the base of your foot, and gradually move upwards to your feet as i suck each toe individually. You like it dont you? Before you can answer.. Shh.. Answer that question with your body. Tighten the pussy a little more tighter. Make me feel like I'm pulling out a Tuxedo black stretch Hummer out of a one car garage, repeatedly in constant motion. Feeling so good to you you damn near piss on yourself. Im talking about im tickling your bladder with each stroke. Moving your leg flat, im on top of you again.. ready to attack that muscle between your leg that flexes its potency only for me, i slide in slowly.. you moan lightly, ready for me to speed up the progress and begin.. And I run out of lead. So its time for me to grab the pen.