How Many times can you retro, retro?

Monday, January 5, 2009

[Dont mind this statement.. float by it]

I call her my Opera. Singing my praises to her family like a choir.
Bound to make her hit hit notes until she gasp for air as if I strangled her thoughts.
Who would've thought, right?
I know damn well I wouldnt have. Im sitting here now comtemplating palming her ass until it oozes between each finger on my hand But excuse my.. damn.
Oh excuse me miss. Over here at word anticipating tossing you some dick.

[Okay..its safe to read from here]
----------------------Other News---------------------------

Still over here at work. Do I want to be? Nah. But the money is right. I'll be here until 7pm. And obviously if you saw above, Im in that horny state of mind. [THINKING ABOUT LAUREN LONDON] May just be too soon to say I'd slide her some, but Im in need just like anyone else. Shit happens. I know one thing, better not show up butt naked in a trench coat, when it aint even raining. Because I'll give her moisture. You KNOW? Wonder what her pussy taste like. Wonder if she can handle backshot. Can she ride dick. Does she moan TOO loud...

[I was forced to watch that scene from 'This Christmas', last night, and it build curiosity.....]

Im sitting here right now listening to R. Kelly I'm A Flirt remix. It's kind of good he stole the song from Bow Wow, he made it better. T-Pain shitted on the track though. Swear everything TPain touches is gold. But people be hating on the homey hard as shit. Wait until that Thr33 Ringz drops. lol. But Rappa Turnt Sanga was CLASSIC. Not as good as Epiphany, but that joint has me over here NODDING. "Going Thru Alot" is the song I played today everytime someone pissed me off in the office. Its my "venting" music. Besides Eminems albums of course. But im not a killer, so I didnt want to hear about chopping up bodies and throwing them over bridges (like Eminem did on the "Kim" track).

Random Thought: Why dont all women suck dick well? Are they scared? Afraid of the peen? In my 21 years, I've had my share of good and bad head. But when it comes to NUTTING off head... Nope. I usually have to fuck prior, or jerk it before I get it off. Crazy story, but its the truth, the whole truth. Im waiting for ONE female that commands the dick. looks at it like "YOU WONT HURT MY JAWS BITCH!", and downs it.

Vulgar.. much. Nasty.. Plenty. but.. LOVES it.

-----------------Pause for the cause---------------------------
Tell your closet freak she can come out now. Take off your cool.

Let me continue on the ruthless path. Work. Eww. Dont you hate when you tell someone at the job something, and they run to someone higher and say something different?Okay. Allow me to elaborate.

Woman asked me to send off a FedEx package for her. Cool. Done deal. I go to get the Airbill, go to her desk to work the situation out for her. She says "oh no, I needed it done online. Well.. I dont do that. I do Airbill. So. She calls "upstairs". Upstairs calls me. "Greg you should know how to do the airbill". I reply "I know how, she said she wanted it done online. She obviously did'nt tell you the whole situation. Upstairs: Oh, must've been miscommunication.

Aint no miscommunication. I told her what I can and cant do. I've been trained to a certain extend to do them. Anything beyond my reach I wont grab for. I suggest they do the same.

-----------------Random occurance---------------------------
Starting to have what I guess you can consider to be a colorblindness.
Starting to take a liking to MORE than just light and yellow women. And I love it.
Besides the point. Jessica made a Status last night. "...when u left, u left the now u have 2 settle 4 less...BUT DAMN! Try again!!"

Just a few tidbits I wanted to ask ladies with simular feelings when it comes to shit like this. [dudes.. this shit works for you too. Feel free.]

When your "ex" leaves, and gets something new. Why is the new person of lesser stature that you? You pride yourself on saying your better?

After watching the History Channel last night [thanks to being told about it].. I found out PRIDE is the deadliest of the 7 sins. How many of you can say you have too much of that venom clogging your blood stream? Dont worry, we wont single you out.

Also found out Anger & Greed are #'s 2 & 3 on that list. Lot of people fall into this category.

Always wanted to ASK this, but I've never been one to bite my tongue for this long. But umm.. exactly HOW do you plan on fucking up this year? I've come to the conclusion in order to succeed, you have to be a failure. And theres noway that everyone will have a great, prosperous 2009 for the entire 365. Point blank. Not jinxing, but all of you that are on the "LOVE" path, with all of these kindhearted I love you bew bew" statuses.. Your going far left field with it. Aaris taught me ONE thing. If your happy.. be happy OFF the internet. Because thats ONE way to totally flatten a good tire. And in the past 2.5 weeks, I've seen more "its complicated" statuses than a little bit. Like I KNOW a LOT of people are headed back to school this week, and the "winter loving" statuses starting to change.

[Cant say I DIDNT call it!]

Before I leave. Let me just say this. I hate Gallery Place. With a passion. It's up there with the boulevard, and the Mcdonalds at Howard. Seriously. Went there with Dee on Saturday. UGH. Granted.. its cold outside. Niggas have on the mullet fur hats, bony leg jeans, and track jackets. Like... fuck is wrong with DC? Do dudes in Wisconsin dress like this? I'm scared for todays youth.

Making matters worse.. We go into H&M. Now.. Every OTHER time I go into H&M... shit is cool. I get some fly little work clothes, go on bout my business. Oh noooo. Not on THIS day. [unforgivable voice]. NOT my day.

Literally seen a jacket that the zipper didnt zip all the way up... on PURPOSE. So her and I seriously took three minutes to try to get it all the way to the top. No avail. Dudes REALLY like walking outside looking like this though?

If this is what's to be expected out of 2009.. I'm keeping my eyes squinted for the rest of the year. How many times can "retro", be retro?