Ladies, you just cant do what men do. Deal with it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Ladies, let’s face it! There are just somethings you can’t do, that men can, Like piss standing up and walk away without wiping it off. You can not be consider domestic, walking around talking in slang and ebonics, cursing, rolling black and milds, smoking them in public. With your black ass lips. If you have issue doing mainly duties, dont try to claim that you are an "independent woman", and dont need a man.

Beyonce is selling you pipe dreams. And you have been swindled.

  • If you cringe at the mentioning of changing motor oil.
  • If you call a guy to move furniture.
  • If you bought a lawn mower, and had to read the instruction manual.
  • If you call the hispanics to paint your house, clean your gutters, and other household duties.
  • If you consider getting a maid and you live in a studio apartment, or a condo.

You are domesticated.

I concur with the thoughts of "man/women" roles in relationships. I dont necessarily know what it means to be married because I've never been there...yet. However.. KNow your roles, and play your positions in the relationship you are in. Let a man be the man in the situation, and stop trying to turn him into a "house bitch".

-Tis' All.


  • Kita Monroe

    lls @ house bitch
    this is so true!