Off the Strength of my blackberry...

Sunday, January 25, 2009
[Bear with me. I have a touch screen. Carpetunnel in the cold is a bitch...]

"Never met her before, but I think I like her like a metaphor, hard to get " - Lupe Fiasco

Deep ass line, right? I'd like to think so. I honestly have been busy as hell getting my life situated. I've put too much time concerned about pussy and females, that I've neglected myself. So last night I went out to the club [whats new right?]. So the whole night I'm scoping the scene, partying with Nell, Tiff, and Mica. One of the female bouncers was jive like cute, but I digress. Onto what I'm trying to say. No jibber jabber. I need my own place. Shit is sickening, coming home to... yeah. I mean, yeah.. I'm 21, in school and work, so I should save up as much as possible, right? So... Basically my goal is to open a CD account, and save up at LEAST 5,050 [approxamately five months, maybe four of rent]. Obviously I have to start thinking about furniture, and groceries and everything. And I have to get me a new car. The only luxury of dc is the metro. I've become so frugal in my traveling, that I only go where the Metro takes me. Has to stop, pronto.

Besides that.. Overall... My weekend was short and decent. How it should be. I'm sitting here watching Martin Season four. Shortage of words because I dont have much to say right now.. eating my mcdonalds. Itis is a bitch. I'm supposed to go on an "outting" tonight with Robyn. She's always fun. Details later.

Facebook.. Umm.. yeah. Not missing it... at all. Actually been real hush on there. no statuses, no updates, no nada.
Haven't heard from
Ms. Anonymity either. Dunno if there was tension between her and me on Friday, since we barely danced, and didnt do our usual touching rubbing, blah blah.

CAST AWAY... GREAT fucking movie. WOULDNT want to be stuck on an island. Ever.

I'm done for now.


  • Nisey

    Personally wouldnt open a CD right now.. rates are shit and you can only add to a CD up to double what you open it up with. ALso you cant touch it until the term is up, so if u have some kinda emergency ur screwed... Why I know all of this? I work at a Bank.. LoL As a 21 yr old in school and work it is good to save.. we in the same boat. But a CD is not the way to go right now. damn im sounding like a financial advisor