The "Evolution" for myself.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Strangely, I've been inspired to write this blog by a woman who writes just as "assertively" as myself.

As I looked at the type of life that I've lived. I've always wondered.. What sins could I possibly be forgiven for? Granted, I've never done anything harsh, besides talked down about a person. But when it somes to the seven deadly sins, I'm completely biased about which ones I've commited. Quite frankly, I'm torn and confused over the moves I should make for the year. Something tells me to take more classes. Then my conscious guides me towards more money. I swear I should pay more attention to the books, get all the accredations needed for a higher salary, but honestly, the learning curve and process is shitty. [Think Kanye's College Dropout]. That cd always makes me feel one way. "No matter how much you fail, your not the only one not succeeding." I'm pretty sure there are people in worse perdiciments than myself though.

So I get a text message from Day. She's been more consistent than I thought she'd end up being. Surprisingly...

Her: I have an idea
Me: And that would be?
Her: U should bring me breakfast
Me: That requires us living together
Her: lol and y is that
Me: Quite frankly getting too old for sleeping solo
Her: So I have to share a bed with you to get an au bon pain muffin
Me: Not necessarily. But in the effort you take asking, you could be in route there yourself, wrong?

Slight morning humor, I suppose..

Decided yesterday I'd go browsing into Armani Exchange. Never felt the urge to storm out of a store until then. Granted, not only do they sell H&M fashions with the label "Armani" on it. But people fail to realize the difference between Georgio Armani, and the lower grade. Yet, there was a guy in the store, just browsing, mind you.. yet walking right past the sales rack. Why people complain about a recession, but insist on paying $65.95 for a long sheeve t-shirt, is beyond me. Blame my maker for introducing me to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and the option of being more frugal with my income. Minus my habit for drinking and parlaying.

Guess you live once right?..

With that said, I took time outside of Facebook, and browsing forums, to actually go ahead and sign up for stock alerts. Very intriguing endeavor. Not usually somethign you'd see from me, but I've witnessed first hand someone get $5,000 for a slight bump in points on Wall Street. Better than going to Charlestown's quarter machines. So I even opted to tie my bank account to it to watch. And I'm contemplating being more wiser and getting a TRowe Price savings account to grow investment off it. [At 21, I'm making a lot more sub conscious financial decisions that I failed to since 18.

Digress. Netta showed me an error of my ways in a blog she wrote. So I figured fuck it. If she can do it, and make it work, lets see if a male can make it work. Basically taking her rules, and adding my twist to them. Sounds fail safe, and at this point, I trust her better judgement before anyone elses. As I laugh to myself, I wonder.. If she was born with a dick, and we were born from the same womb, could you consider us "Bang Brothers". Seeing as though we have the same sexual outlook, and pretty much form the same consensus on topics that most just shy away from. Continuing on...

Declaration of Singlehood....
I declare myself to be single... and the single rules are as follows:

I am single until I am no longer Single...

This means that questions like "Who is she?" or "Where were you last night?" are unfucking acceptable. I am my own entity. You play your hand, and so will I. I dont answer to many women, and even the ones I do form a response to get sassed when they cross the line between my business and theres. Had an encounter like this happen recently. "Why do you have a ringback tone? Afraid I'll hear your line beep?". No. I'm afraid you have entirely too much time on your hands to go and listen for a beep between the dial tones. Read a poster or something.

I do not want to talk about your feelings. Ever.

Or my own feelings for that matter.

You had a nice day, great. Felt nothing needed to really be changed here. Self explanatory.

Sex with you does not preclude me from sexual activity with other individuals.

My fuck stick is my own. I will share it as I see fit. No, you are not leasing, renting, or borrowing it. As Beyonce says, I put a ring on it. Therefore if I chose to fuck her, dont question me about it. Especially if you are'nt stepping up.

No sleep overs.

None. I like rollin around in my bed. Alone. At night. <---I rather liked the way this was put. I continue to make no promises as to whether you will end up in my blog or not.

You may. You may not. Identities will be protected. Pseudonyms will be used. <----same as above. No dick coveting.


I play by my own rules.

Rules are tools that you use to win Games and what I realized a long time ago is that the game that others are playing is not necessarily a game I want to win. How I go about my life

I never feel obligated to inform you of my previous partners.

Follow this rule of thumb:
If you think I did.... I probably did. And seeing as though perception is reality, if you think I did it, it doesn't really matter what actually happened.

Fuck it:
Yea I had her before but that happened before. You get mad when you know so just don't ask me no more.

Heed Kanye's words. He is wise, that Mr. West. [starting to think Netta has a thing for dude though]

I reserve the right to overbook.

Overbook, double book, bump reservations. Just because it gets penciled in, don't mean it can't end up getting cancelled. I'm unpredictable. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm about to do. Better options will be offered. I've learned in 2008, females really dont keep calendar, so pretty much, I'll explore options.

I have a pet peeve when it comes to people trying to "Save Me".

I am not broken. I am entitled to like more than just you. And the last thing I hate is a female who attempts to use her past to dictate the actions she makes with the present. Because I'll leave your ass with yesterday. Also, don't patronize me. It infuriates me. [Lil Wayne voice] Beetch.


When midnight hit, New Years Eve, I felt a shift. In my life. In my priorities. In what I cared about and where I wanted to go in my life. And pussy.... On the back burner. I'd said it before and I'll say it again: I'll start dating again when one of two things happen. Lauren London does a soft porn starring me. That or Michael Jackson gets a suntan. And the way 2009 is going, looks like its going to be a while.