"Just for You" By Ashley G.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Ashley wrote me a poem yesterday. Actually touched me [no Michael Jackson]. I've had poems written to me before, but never one of this nature. THANKS Ashley!

Shapes turn into letters, and then they turn into words
And every time I read them I get high as a bird.
With each sentence my eyes scroll across
I drift away and somehow get lost.
There is nothing more arousing than a stimulating conversation.
I sit at my keyboard and long for your daily persuasion.
Good writing to me is like mind sex so we’ll count your notes as a quickie,
I love to read them all no matter the topic I am not picky.
I swear some days when my day is slow and I want to retire;
I read your latest post and even though it’s probably not meant to it does inspire.
Something about reading your blunt honesty
Gives me some type of release it makes me feel free.
I swear I never really gave myself a good look until I starting reading certain subjects
I realized I was one of those bitter chicks full of regrets
At first I read strictly for the purpose of laughing and being entertained.
I realized I too have a gift for writing that cannot be contained.
Since your words became my mirror and reflected my faults.
I decide to start expressing my words and not locking them up in a vault.
So to you my poetic justice thanks for being my face book friend.
And p.s. I can feel it you and Lauren will be together in the end…lol
Signing out…Ashley